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Persephone in Oxford


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Hi guys,

just a quick note amid the chaos to let you know I'm here- I made it! My cardiologist even rang on Saturday to wish me luck and tell me not to panic if I get sick up there, that he would speak to anyone from the hospitals here if I end up there.

My new flatmates are lovely- I spent the summer woprrying about nothing.

Will post again soon when I've got more time.

Lots of people from over the pond here- I've just met a lovely girl from Princeton doing my course. I wonder what the other 11 are like? (there are just 13 of us!)

Lots of love

P x x

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Yay!!! Good luck! Have lots of fun, but don't study too hard! (OK, you can study... part of the whole postgraduate thing, I suppose, huh?)

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congrats pers!

and so glad to hear that your roomies are a good bunch....

:( melissa

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Guest Julia59

Congratulations! Best of luck to ya---------------you will do just fine.

It will help that you have good room mates----------------- B) OXFORD-----That's something else! Good for you! :)

Julie :0)

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