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mri results-cystic type growth


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thanks all for hanging in and waiting. sorry it took so long to get back to you all. just got the word today. i have a cystic growth on my spine around T5-7. my next stop will be the neurosurgeon on wednesday. they where not sure and probaly wont know if it is cancerous until after it is removed, chances are that it IS NOT cancer and i'm not worried about it. however, the idea of surgery is not a pleasant one.

thanks again for hanging on and waiting for the results with me i will update after wed. appointment.


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hi blackwolf -

i think your last update caught me on a bad day & i wasn't able to respond, but backtracking i was glad to hear that the test itself wasn't too bad. re: your news today, i'm sure that you're at least glad to no longer be waiting...that's the worst...but can definitely understand your mixed feelings re: the news. it's good to have some answers & good that it's something that seems to be "fixable" & good that it's not likely cancer BUT there are still unknowns & new docs to meet & surgery likely looming. while i haven't had the same type of surgery i have had spine surgery (cervical fusion) and amazingly it was a lot less of an ordeal than i would have ever anticipated; it was still major surgery & took some time to recover from, etc, but the benefits made it most definitely worth it. my mom (although not in the dysautonomic club) says the same about lower back surgery she had when i was little. thanks for letting us know & good luck with the appt with the surgeon; i'm probably telling you what you already know but i would just encourage you to ask LOTS of questions of everyone you encounter.

hang in there....you've moved from one waiting game to another, but hopefully are headed in the right direction to finally get some relief.

:huh: melissa

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Thanks, for the update. I'm glad to hear that this problem can be cleared up from having surgery. I know someone who had a cyst removed in the lumbar region of the spine, and a fusion of that area also. They did fine during surgery, and he is doing well today with that area of his spine. However, this guy has other complications with his spine as he has the same curvature in his spine that I do. He still has problems in other area's but no ther cysts.

I know you must be in quite a lot of pain, and hopefully this will be a distant memory once you are healed from the surgery to remove the cyst.

I wish you the best outcome possible----and also wishing you a smooth recovery from the surgery.

Take care---and keep hanging in there.

BIG HUGS TO YOU---------------------------- :huh:


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Blackwolf, Oh, I am so glad that they did the MRI!! I'm not glad that you have the cyst, but you've struggled so much with pain and mobility issues that I am really hoping the removal will improve things greatly for you! Wow. Keep us posted if you can on your appointment wednesday. B) Laura

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i am in that state of happy/sadnees that i'm sure so many of you have gone thru.

i am hoping to get this done as quickly as possible so i can do my best to get back on track with the excersizing, it has been so hard to do as the pain has gotten so much worse since the last mri. i am nearly bedridden and that is kind of scary to me.

angain thanks everyone,

good nite and blessings,


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your calm and 'surrender' (in a GOOD way) are amazing in the face of surgery.

it is one of those mixed blessings, as you said...you have an answer...and certainly hope that the surgery will bring you much needed relief. but the surgery is scary...

you are doing so well with it and seeing the 'light' on the other end...i.e. reduced pain, higher functioning!

please continue to keep us updated, esp. so that we can send extra healing thoughts for your surgery!

hugs, emily

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Thank you all so very much, you help keep my courage up

Got the final word today on the surgery.

It will be Wednesday October 5th at 10:30am.

What they are doing;

Removing a dermoid mass(tissue that doesn't belong in the spinal canal) from the anterior(front/towards the stomach)side of my spine at T4 which is compressing the spine by about a third. I won't beat around the bush, this is a lot of work as they have to lift and turn my spine to get the mass. Possibly also cutting of a few nonessercial nerves in order to turn the spine.

lots of fun!! :(



Will touch base here before i go in on Wed., but otherwise i will only be "lurking" as the more time i spend upright, the more pain i have.

blessings and prayers to all of us.

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Thanks for keeping us posted.

I wish you didn't have to go through this but since you do....I will be praying for you and hope that it goes as smoothly and quickly and painlessly as possible.

I'm glad you were able to get it scheduled soon so you don't have long to think about it and hopefully you will start feeling much better.

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i am glad that you don't have to wait too long...

hang in there. you'll be in my thoughts & prayers - before, during, & after the surgery.

:) melissa

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thanks sssoooo much everyone.

the news of the surgery had given me a case of the jitters, but i have calmed down now and feel better that way. still alot of pain, but i am dealing. splurging today as we are going out to eat to celebrate my hubbies birthday. unfortunately i have to be in surgery on his birthday what a bummer for that :lol: i think he is afraid there might be cancer and he wont relax till he gets an answer(his mom and aunt both died of cancer in '99). also getting hair cuts done, no money lost there as my mom does it and we clean her house every other week, though we have let up this last week, since my pain has been so bad.

sorry rambling again.



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Guest Mary from OH


I am sending healing prayers to you as you are setting out to undergo your surgery. I have had two tumors removed from my back, 17 years apart. The second time, they had to take out part of my shoulder blade and a lot of muscles. YOU WILL PREVAIL!! You are a fighter!! After all, you are a DINET member and you have all of US behind you!! Remember as you are going into surgery, you have ALL of us there with you!! YES, it will be a VERY crowed OR!!! But, the drs with have to deal with it! We'll all be right there by your side!! It will be ok. I understand that this is an invasive surgery. May the dr be guided wisely during the sugery and your healing come swiftly and as painless as possible!! We all love you and will be right by your side!!!

Take care on Wednesday!! And I think it's on your husband's birthday for a reason: GOOD LUCK!!

We'll talk to you when you're out and feeling better!! Maybe you can convince hubby to log in and let us know how you're doing!!



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