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tearose, doing more!

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

Hi all!

It has been too long...but it was for good reasons I haven't been posting.

In early spring, my pcp put me on daily magnesium doses and insisted I work with a nutritionist since I had digestive issues along with the low bp and other pots symptoms. He believed if we could improve my absorption of nutrients and improve my sleep it would help...he was right!!!

I have been sleeping more soundly and haven't had the bouts of gastroparesis I had before. I slowly started doing some floor exercises again and within a month was taking a little walk around my cul-de-sac, which led to longer walks and better stamina.....are you ready for this??

I am working!!! YES! I found a sit down job and I am just starting to work. I am full of mixed emotions. Joy and unresolved anger...but I am going to deal with it all constructively, I promise. Why didn't Mayo or someone else look into the metabolic and sleep issues sooner??? How can it be that after ALL THESE YEARS it took my "regular internist" to be the one to figure it out?

It was just one year ago I had to move to this totally "handicap equipped home"!!! I was unable to go up stairs! I have a seat cane, a chair for the stair, I live in a no-step ranch home. Could this move have helped me to begin healing too? Well, anyway, as I begin to figure out what made the change happen I also want to stop and share these roses with you my dear pots family.

To recap, what I did to change began about a year ago. I continued to use compression hose and body garments and no medications. I changed my environment to have as little stress on my physical body as possible. Then I began to do brain exercises by teaching my non-dominant hand to write, do puzzles, and pick up things. Then I started the new vitamins and minerals and nutrition-frequent-grazing program. Then I began my floor exercises and here I am. I am speaking better and writing better too. I have gaps in things like spelling and math skills but I am trying to re-teach myself things like the multiplication tables...how can you forget the multiplication tables?? Anyway, I also write any"new information" I am trying to absorb with my non-dominant hand at least once. I kinda feel it is telling my brain to "wake up" and realize there is something here to "pay attention to". It is a real effort but it is sure proving worth it!

I will now go back to catch up on all your posts of the last two months. Please know the support and yes LOVE you have given me over the years has been instrumental in holding me up!! (wow, I remembered the word instrumental! see what I mean? )

I am now reaching out to say thank you and please, let me extend my hand to you again!

I hope this is a long lasting turnaround for me and I hope it encourages you to "try one more thing". We should never stop believing we can someday, improve our quality of life!

warmest regards, tearose

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i am new to poesting to the forum,but not new to reading it.i to have learned so much by reading this forum,and continue to learn more everyday.i agree with the power of our mind ,to have confidence and belief that we can improve. i also moved to a home that was smaller and easier to maintain, changed my lifestyle and continue my search for doctors who offer new suggestions. my quality of life has improved . and i continue to have hope it will keep improving.i am so happy to hear you are doing so well!!!! please keep us informed.


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Hi Tearose,

Thanks for sharing your experience and success story.

I personally believe that there are still solutions for many of us out there and we need to find it. You are certainly an example of perseverance.

Good luck on your new job.


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I've been missing you and I'm so glad to find out how remarkable you are doing.

Thank goodness you had an internist that had such intuitive insight into your health. I love the idea about practicing things with your non-dominant hand, too. I think I'll try that -- as some days my brain just isn't what it used to be. You've inspired me to challenge myself even further.

Your journey reminds me of Winston Churchill's famous cry "Never, never, never give up!" I think you embody that statement so well. :)

Glad to see you back, but don't spend all of your energy doting and caring over us! :) Remember to keep caring for yourself as well.

Thanks for sharing your triumphs.


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tearose -

it's so great to hear from you. i always hope that someone's "disappearance" is for good reasons but it's great to have the hard facts to back that up! i'm SO glad to hear that you're doing so well. thanks for checking in with us & letting us know what has been working for you.

congrats & keep in touch as you're able...

:) melissa

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I am so happy to read your postl! I know that you struggled for many years, and I am glad that you've found something that has helped you to improve. It is motivation for all of us to keep looking for the right treatment.

Based on Ernie's post from a day or two ago and now yours, I wonder how much better we'd all be doing if we got better sleep. Very interesting.

Like you, I have taken a lot of small steps over the past year which have helped me to gradually feel better. It's hard work, but it sure feels great to have all of those efforts pay off! Hope you continue to improve and definitely keep us posted on how things are going.


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Oh Tearose.. that is so wonderful!! YOu are doing so much better!! that is fantastic.. gives so much hope.. hearing your and Ernie's stories of healing and on the road to recovery..

Keep up the good work tearose.. drop us line every now and then and let us know how you are!!!


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Hi Tearose,

I'm so glad to hear from you and that you even have a JOB. It's just great!!! I'm in the process of being fired, after not being able to work for 3 years. Your story gives me hope that some day, . . . you NEVER know . . .

Warm wishes, Tearose, I'm really happy for you,


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Oh, Tearose! this is awesome! :unsure: i've missed you- you were always so kind to me and about me in your posts!

I am just over the moon that you're working again and have gotten better. You are the hope we all need! Especially that *I* need :)

I'm so pleased for you- what a wonderful day, the day that you get your life and identity back. I'm sure I speak for many here when I say it's something we dream of achieving. Brilliant news- thankyou SO much for sharing, Tearose! <_<

You rock the house! :unsure:

big love

P x x

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IT'S TEA!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Oh Tea, I was sooooo happy to see your post and your update...and to hear that for the most part it is good news. I know going back to work is a bit hard and nerve-wracking. And I know you are frustrated with how long it took to figure out some of this stuff...

I wish we understood the 'why' in timing sometimes...but we never do! :) ugh!

I am so glad that you have had such a significant improvment in your symptoms and found some things that really work. As you catch up on posts, you will see how much I want that sleep you are getting! :)

Anyway, guess what? I'm off to eat lunch. Surprise, surprise. Always eating, that's me. :)

I just am sooo happy to see you are back. I don't know how much you will get to be online with working and such, but whenever you can, please check in with us and say hi. Your presence and spririt here touch so many people...we will be glad to hear from you in whatever capacity you are able.

Every day I log on and hope to see your name 'pop' up and it did! I was so happy!



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Dear Sister Tearose,

My apologies for being late to the party.

Your story is SO wonderful, SO uplifting, SO full of hope. A thousand thankyous for sharing.

The stream of life has dips and peaks, you will remember this ALWAYS no matter what faces you in the days/years to come. No set back will keep you from remembering that there can be better days ahead.

Good thoughts your way on your journey.


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Dearest Tearose;

You are truly an inspiration!! Congratulations on your fight back to normalcy! I am so glad to hear your news. Don't worry about some doctors not seeing what your internist did. Sometimes the answers are so simple they are right in front of our nose and we can't see them. We all know that some doctors, who specialize, are so technical that they can't see what is simply obvious. Think of it this way, if you didn't go through what you did to get to this point it would not be so celebrated and appreciated. You have been through an extremely challenging obstacle course and can now see the finish line. YOUR DOING IT!! Allot of people couldn't go through what you have been through. Keep up the great work and please know that we are here for you cheering you on. Keep positive and don't stop smiling. You will make it.


KathyP :P

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