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  1. Being of age 42 and with you still having your ovaries, it may be unlikely that a hormone replacement would be considered. Most women are close, or in to peri-menopause at this age. I had a complete hyst, in my 30's. I am currently on hormone replacement, but am weaning off, very slowly, so my body can be somewhat normal to the natural course of menopause. When it is time to lower my dose, I experience retinal migraines. Before my hysterectomy my hormone levels were all over the place. When there was a surge, I would be highly symptomatic, when there was not enough, I would be very sympto
  2. Hi Ernie! My father has NCS, do to a very low blood volume. He was recently diagnosed with Myelo-dysplastic Syndrome, which is a disease where the red bone marrow can't produce mature blood cells to sustain a healthy blood volume. While he was very symptomatic with the Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope, he had to increase his salt. Then he went into congestive heart failure. Now it is a very sensitive balancing act to keep him on an even keel. The reason I was asking about the number of men here is because I haven't seen many at this site. There is predominently women here. Also,
  3. Getting your homones back into balance takes time. Be patient! Mine took many years. The condition I was diagnosed with was Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which required a hysterectomy. That is what started the hormone imbalance. From there that imbalance of ALL reproductive hormones led to my other endocrine hormones, such as adrenal, thyroid and parathyroid to be completely off. I had bio-identical hormonal replacement cream for all of these until my levels went back to normal, which when balanced, I had to wean from very slowly. While I was unbalanced hormonally I was extremely symptoma
  4. Hello everyone!! I have been here for some time. I read mostly. I haven't posted in a very long time. Since my diagnosis with dysautonomia I have went back to school. I studied every aspect of the Autonomic Nervous System, the Cardio System and every other aspect of Anatomy and Physiology. This has taken me 3 years. I have pushed myself past my diagnosis in search of something else. What I, personally have found is that I was looking in the wrong place the entire time. I have found that my disorder was a precurser to something else. My "dysautonomia" was a sign of some other underlyin
  5. Hi Morgan and Jacquie; Thank you for your kind words. I totally agree with you Morgan. Everyone needs to be aware that there are labs out there that pray on people's needs to feel better. I did not go through any fly-by-night online or pharmacy offer for hormonal balancing. I talked with my Primary Care Physician who is an Internist about these tests. My Gynecologist, who I've seen for many years, ordered all the testing. I took his order slip for all the lab work to my regular lab where I have all my blood testing done. They then sent all the results to both my GYN and PCP. For me i
  6. Hello All; I have not been back to this site for quite some time. I have been extremely busy getting back into a normal life. I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia in 2004. My cardiologist diagnosed me with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, VasoVagal Depressor Syndrome and a severe Anxiety Disorder. I was so ill and agoraphobic I didn't leave my house for a year. I was so depressed and nothing I did seemed to help. I found a doctor who really listens. He gave me hope and wasn't afraid to ask other doctors their opinion. I kept my faith. I was bound and determined to beat this and/or t
  7. Hi Radha; I am currently on hormonal compounding that a compounding pharmacist mixes up for me. During my initial visit with him we discussed nutritional dificiencies. For Iodine he told me to a way to not only test if my body needed iodine but a way to get it as well. Pharmacies sell over the counter bottles (little bottles) of iodine. He told me, at night before I go to bed, take the bottle dropper and apply one drop on to my belly. Rub it around to even it out into a circle the size not smaller than a dime and not larger than a quarter. When you wake up in the morning look at the cir
  8. Hi Jacquie; I was recently in the hospital for severe right side abdominal pains. The doctors thought it was my gall bladder. They did a Abdominal CT Scan as well as an Abdominal Ultrasound. The reasoning for these tests were because my blood testing showed that my protein levels and bilirubin level was high. The doctors were worried that there was a problem with my liver. The test showed no abnomalities and my liver and gall bladder were normal size. After talking to my doctor about why my levels would be high and what they were looking for with my liver he told me some pretty interestin
  9. Thanks Be Still; This is a very good thread!! I know many doctors that come to this site to learn more about dysautonomia. So you may have already enlightened a few. I agree with you. A doctor that asks that kind of question is way out of line. In my opinion it should be considered a breach of ethics with that kind of statement. Sorry, I haven't had the fortune of having a physician say anything like that to me. I am a very confrontational person and it is very obvious. I don't mind sharing my opinion with others, especially doctors. Remember, a doctor is not employed by your insura
  10. Hi Sue; Just the fact that you want to change any aspect of your regiment is a big step when it comes to motivation. Hypnosis is one of many things I have tried after my doctor and I experimented with many medications. I asked him about hypnosis and the only thing he recommended for me, about it, was that if I felt that it would help me then do it. I have to tell you that hypnosis will work, but only if you are completely open to it. Hypnosis isn't anything magical, it is a way of retraining your sub-conscience thought. It is a retraining your thinking. There is a big stigma surroundin
  11. Hi Kimberly; I used to come to this forum everyday when I was first diagnosed with Dysautonomia. Now I come back every now and then to see what is new or to catch up with what is happening with other members. I have to tell you that I know exactly how you feel. I have severe anxiety attacks...or should say had. That is one of the aspects of my Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and Vasovagal Depressor Syndrome. You should be very proud of your attitude. It took me a very long time to get back a possitive attitude. I became home bound and my symptoms made me feel like I hit rock bottom. I ca
  12. Dear Persephone; WAY TO GO!!! I know exactly how you feel. I have been doing quite well on my hormonal compounding and feeling more and more like myself. Betablockers have been a charm for me as well. It is so wonderful to hear news like yours. It gives so much hope. I hope this is just a taste for a healthy and stronger year for you. As for Oxford, GO FOR IT!!! I love England. I have been there and would love to visit it again. Take care, KathyP
  13. Hi BeStillMyHeart; Welcome to the site. Please don't be disheartened!! You will find what works for you. Think positive. As for the immunoglobulins: you said you heard about "gammaglobulin". Well they both work pretty much the same way. Gammaglobulin is like a boost given medically to help the immune system the way immunoglobulin does. Immunoglobulin neutralizes the bacteria or viruses in the immune system, mostly in the lymph system. If you don't have any infections or viruses, this most like would not be an issue for you. If you need more info or feel you have problems with this area t
  14. Hi Chrissy; I haven't been here is some time, but, your thread caught my eye coming back here. In my opinion, I think you should talk to your boyfriend openly and honestly. Tell him the same way you said it here. If he loves you he will be understanding. With you having POTS, being open with him is so much better that just pretending you feel good when in reality you are miserable. Just explain it to him and tell him how you really feel and see what happens. Don't be negative about the relationship. Be positive and point out the fun things you can do together, especially all 3 of you.
  15. Hi Radha; Deep relaxation and a slow deep breathing works wonders. Try this: Sit down, preferably with your feet up and arms resting at your sides. for 10 - 15 minutes breath in slowly and deep while counting to 4, pause for 1 second, and then exhale slowly counting to 4. Let your mind either go completely blank or concentrate on a very soothing place. If you practice this every day, you can learn to do it anywhere. This has helped me tremendously. Sometimes you may have to do it longer. It won't take away your regular symptoms, but it will help control your breathing. Your doctor may have
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