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Update on Jeff from Michigan Jan

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Thank you so much for all who have been praying for my husband, Jeff.

He has completed 3 rounds of chemotherapy by now. This morning he had an endoscopic ultrasound. The original tumor in the esophogus has shrunk--basically all that is left is a thickened place in the wall of the esophogus. The doctor did not see anything in the stomach except for 2 red spots. He said they could be where the tumor was (the original tumor started in the esophogus and grew down into the stomach). He also said he could see one lymph node that is affected, but before there were many within the tumor that were affected. He could see about 1/2 the liver but could see no cancer there. That does not mean the liver is clear--he cannot see it as well on a CT scan.

On Thursday, we go back for Jeff to get a CT scan of the abdomin and chest. That will show us if there is any change in the liver, which previously had a lot of cancer and we were told it is hard to get cancer out of the liver.

We are so pleased to get this report. I will post more next Monday after we see the doctor and get the results of the CT scan. I figure that the chemo did a good job but that all those prayers from all of you is what is helping fight this cancer.

On Wednesday, we are going to get our two grandsons and take them to get new shoes. We have been taking them to the shoe store as they outgrow their shoes for awhile now and it is becomming something they expect and look forward to. They are 4 and 2. I feel so happy that we can do this together --that Jeff and I are both well enough to be able to do this.

Thank you all again. Please keep on praying!

Michigan Jan

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Guest Julia59

Thanks Jan for posting. I have been looking for an update, and glad to hear the cancer is shrinking away. I think about you two often, and keep you in my prayers.

Both of you ---keep hanging in there......... :)

Have fun with your two grand sons--------- :)

Julie :0)

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so glad to hear the good report. i know it's far from over but good to hear that things are heading in a good direction....and even more so that both of you seem to be in good spirits in the midst of such a rough time.

keep on keepin on...


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:) Hi Jan - I am still praying for you and Jeff and am glad that the tumor has shrunk - Hope you have a great time shoe shopping with the grandkids on Wednesday - Do you go for ice cream afterwards? I used to love doing that when I was real little after shoe shopping, I'd beg for Carvel and my Dad always gave in - Glad things are looking up for you both. Beth
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Even though I've kinda been "out of the loop" the last month I have always kept you and Jeff in my prayers. You also both remain on my prayer list at church so you have MANY people keeping you in thought and prayer.

I'm so glad to hear you've had some positive news and I hope you will continue to get better reports.

Keep us posted!

Ps--Have you ever gotten you business off the ground?

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I am sooo happy to hear this good news. I will pray that the CT scan shows wonderful improvement in his liver as well. Hope you and your hubby enjoyed shopping with the grandbabies. Sounds like fun!

I've been thinking a lot about you and your husband because I'm reading a great bood called Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Perhaps you've already read it. If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it to everyone. The author is a surgeon who deals with cancer patients, but the principles of the book can apply to anyone with an illness.

He talks about how no physician should ever tell a patient how long they have to live or ever take hope away from the patient. He says the length of their life is up to the patient and not statistics. He talks about combining traditional therapies like chemo and radiation with other alternative therapies.

He used to be just a surgeon who never got involved with his patients on an emotional level, but then he was transformed. The book talks about how his patients changed him and the valuable lessons he learned. His compassion and insight is wonderful. I wish we could all have this guy for a doctor. He sights many examples of patients who overcame the biggest of odds and who are alive today. The main message of the book is that there is hope if you take your health into your own hands and do all that you can that's good for your body (whether it's cancer or a chronic illness). The most important thing he emphasizes is finding a doctor you trust and respect and vice versa so that you can work together on your healing journey.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but I thought you and husband might enjoy this book. I will continue to pray for Jeff to heal.

Hugs, :)


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Michigan Jan,

It is always great to here good news in a bad situation. It sounds as though your husband is also very strong. It takes a lot of strength to go through chemo. I hope that you continue to receive such wonderful news. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

God Bless,

Rita s

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