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What medications do you take?

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If you want to look at past threads you can do a search. The search is located on the top right section on your screen.

There is also a section "Answers to Common questions" that Mighty Mouse has collected.

I take Propranolol (beta blocker) and Proamatine (alpha agonist).


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I take:

- Fludricortisone (Florinef) 0.2mcgs BD

- Propanolol 80mgs OD

- Venlafaxine (Exeffor) 75mgs OD ...(reduced from 450mgs)

- Amytriptiline 25mgs

- Carbamazepine 400mgs

Quite a collection...I feel like a walking pharmacy at times! Don't shake me too hard or i'll rattle!!!! B)

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I take atenolol, clonidine, Topimax, morphine, Mestinon, Paxil, Robinul,

Then as needed: visatril, Zofran, Chloral hydrate, Ditropan,

I've been on massive doses on the first 2 drugs.

Since starting on the Chloral hydrate a month ago, I've been able to cut back on my paxil, morphine, ambien and doxepin. -Deb

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I take Lappressor and Levsin twice a day. Drink gatorade and eat alot of salt.(for my blood pressure, very low) I also wear compression hose. Was just diagnosied in July. Not sure if I need anything else. I feel better, but I wish I could feel atleast alittle better then I do now.

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jennifer -

you're right that there have been a good number of posts on this over time, and you will find lots of info if you do a search (if you haven't already), but i don't think i've ever actually answered one of these posts myself so figured i'd give you my med list. it's pretty lengthy but know that i have definitely not always been on so many meds. i've had times where i was on no meds & just did lots of fluids & salt. but currently, copied from the list i typed up recently to give to my new docs (includes med, dose, frequency, & reason)...

Mestinon 30mg TID (every 4-5 hrs while awake) AN/OI/Hypotension

Inderal/Propranolol 10mg TID (every 4-5 hours while awake) AN/OI/Tachycardia

Midodrine 10mg TID (every 4-5 hours while awake) AN/OI/Hypotension

Cortef 15mg in AM, 5mg @ 4pm Cortisol Deficiency

Clarinex 5mg daily (AM) Allergies

Protonix 40mg daily (AM) Reflux/Nausea

DDAVP .2mg daily (PM) Help Regulate Fluid Retention

Seasonale 1pill daily (PM) OI/ Ovarian Cysts

Zelnorm 6mg BID (AM&PM) Slow GI Motility (Gastroparesis, Constipation, etc)

Flonase (spray) BID (AM&PM) Allergies

Reglan 10mg PRN Gastroparesis/Nausea/Vomiting

Mesalamine (enema) 4g PRN (PM) Ulcerative Colitis

i also use various shampoos, creams, etc. for skin problems i have but think there's more than enough listed already.

other "stuff" currently used includes intermittant catheterization 2-4 times/day, lots of fluids (water, gatorade) & salt, compression hose (30-40mmHg waist high) whenever possible (i.e. when not too hot), wheelchair PRN, & IV saline PRN.

you'd never guess that i hate taking meds, eh? but they keep me functioning these days MUCH better than i would be otherwise.


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Well I take

mestonin -new

zoloft -new 25mg

aciphex 20mg

As needed

Reglan 5mg (gastroparesis)

pheregan (nausea) or zofran (nausea)

Imitrex and vistril (for migraines)

seasonal allergies -singular,zertec & nasal spray.

Sounds like a lot when I write it down. Most is as needed or for a few months a year.


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well, here it is...FUN with body chemistry! here's my dosing schedule and meds...it's insane! sorry the list didn't transfer so great from word...



15 mg in morning


.1 mg ? 2x/day


180 mg in the morning


10 mg in the evening


75 mg in afternoon




25 mg in evening


2 mg at bedtime


1 ml at bedtime

10. XANAX (Compounded)

.0625 mg ? 1-2 capsules 2-3x daily

11. VITAMIN B12?500 mcg Daily

12. VITAMIN E ? 400 IU in evening



15. OS-CAL (2x daily)


17. ZOFRAN ODT ? 4 mg -- PRN


19. AMBIEN?Stopped completely on 7/29

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i take

Mestinon 120mg 3x's aday

Propranolol 60mg 3x's a day

trazadone 200mg bedtime

ambien 10mg bed time

prevacid 20mg(?) 2 times a day

zyrtec once a day

lactaid -- when ever I have milk products

Imitrex PRN

darvacet PRN

tigan PRN

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oh and I drink lots of water and gatorade.. and wear compression hose.. up the salt intake.. and my personal favorite.. green olives or dill pickles... the have alot of salt in then.. if I eat Like half the jar (HAHAHA) it makes me feel alittle better..


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Right now:

propranolol 10 mg 3X day (heart rate and fluid retention)

midodrine 5 mg as needed (usually 1/day in late AM or early pm) (low BP)

protonix 40 mg/ day (acid reflux)

9000 mg sodium/day (fluid retention for low blood volume)

LOTS of water/gatorade

compression hose

B-12, ibuprofen, acidophilus, pepto bismol as needed (IBS, chronic tendonitis, and B-12 cuz I'm vegan)

I'll probably be on DDAVP soon- it was discussed recently, but we're trying the salt/fluids cuz it's lots cheaper! Procrit was also discussed, because not much is working to build up the blood volume.

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