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I have trouble with nausea on a regular basis. It could be a part of your dysautonomia or it could be caused by something else.

I get a lot of nausea right before I pass out. I also get nausea with hormone changes and with migraine and/or migraine aura. I have a lot of migraine aura where I never get the pain of a headache and that's when the nausea is the worst.

There are things you can take for nausea so talk to your Dr.

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Hi Christine -

I definitely have nausea. For me it also falls in a few different categories.

I get a more "systemic nausea" (don't know how else to describe it!) when I am in a danger zone in terms of passing out, with really high or low HR &/or low BP. This doesn't generally have anything to do with what I have or haven't eaten but it makes me have zero interest in food. I try for fluids as much as possible as soon as possible and the next thing that generally appeals to me is salty stuff. I have never actually gotten sick (thrown up) from this nausea.

On the other hand, I have nausea/fullness/bloating/vomiting from gastroparesis, which has really reared its ugly head for me this past year. I'm thankful that in the last month it seems to be finally settling down due to a mix of meds and who knows what else. This nausea is more "localized" and when it's bad I actually get sick quite often from it if I eat much of anything. I even have trouble with liquids when it's at it's worse. From the end of Dec to about a month or so ago I probably didn't go more than a few hours at a time (other than when sleeping) without some degree of nausea...not fun.

My gallbladder also pretty much stopped functioning normally which, until I had it taken out, made the nausea much worse.

Like Pooh said, the nausea can be related to autonomic stuff or not...or indirectly so. I'd at least bring it up with your doc to have it "on the table" as part of things. Another issue is that A LOT of different meds can cause some pretty nasty nausea. Even if you've been on something awhile it can all of a sudden cause problems.

It is frustrating though...and in terms of the "no rhyme or reason" I can empathize...I kept a completely obcessive food/med/fluid intake diary for a good six weeks & it pretty much told me nothing other than that at that point I couldn't eat hardly anything at once without getting sick.

hang in there!


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Yes, nausea is a pretty common problem for most of us. There have been several discussions on this so you might also do a search.

I use Zofran for an anti-nausea medication and it has been extremely beneficial too me. Phenergan doesn't do a thing for me and I have a very strange reaction to one of the other meds. It will probably be something that you'll have to try on your own to see what your body tolerates.

Good luck

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Hi Christine,

My screen name should be the queen of nausea. I have like chronic morning sickness (best way to describe it), I get nausea when I eat or drink anything, and when I have a bad "episode" I get severe nausea and vomiting.

I have tried: phenergan, zofran, compazine, reglan, and marinol.

I have lost 41 pounds over the past 18 months primarily because of nausea and not eating well.

I put lots of stuff through a juicer now and add protien powder. At least it stays down.

You are not alone. I hope you find something to help with your nausea.



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I also deal with alot of nausea. It used to be constant but now it comes and goes. I have gastroparesis so if I eat the wrong thing I get nausea. I usually get nausea when I'm hungry. If I keep food in my stomach I'm fine (which isn't helping my weight) Also I get nausea before migraines and hormonal shifts is when it's at it's worst. i'll take 1/2 pill of phenergan 25 mil. and that helps me. Other times if it's along with a migraine I take vistral.

Good lick and give them meds a try. I avoided them for 9 months and suffered from nausea everyday so now at least I get a break somedays.


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Thanks for everyone who responded. It helps me feel better that others have this too. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy. I feel very lucky to have found this support group.

Before I found out that I had POTS, they thought my gallbladder was the trouble. I went through many tests and they all came out negative. It is so strange how having POTS can cause so many symptoms.

I guess I have two types of nausea. One type of my nausea comes with a headache and I become sensitive to light. The other time is when my BP drops and I almost feel hypoglycemic. I get the shakes, dizzy, nauseated and start to sweat a lot. I will follow this for awhile then I will make an appointment with my doctor.

Thanks again,


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hi christine,

i just wanted to mention that i get severe nausea too,I get it it I move around too much, eat, drink, stand too long, pre- pass out, after I pass out, pretty much all the time.

I drink alot of pepto bismal, and drink warm flat ginger ale..it does help alittle bit

goodluck to you

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  • 2 weeks later...

I get more of a gagging type feeling.

This morning after breakfast I started to gag and I vomited, the first time I vomited since I have become ill.

I felt alot of strange sensations before hand. It felt like the vessels all over my body including my head were totally constricting and I got a funny tongue feeling and arm weakness.

I was wondering if anybody else can feel almost complete constriction of their body with Pots?

I have so many questions for I am experiencing many different symptoms.


EDIT, Well now I have been experiencing nausea for about the last hour and it seems worse when I turn my head to the right, which I am finding very strange.

On a sidenote, I am so glad I have found you guys. It does help to express the symptoms to others who experience numerous symptoms also.

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Hi christine,

i get nausea much more now than i did last year, last year it was only when i passed out but now i feel sick every morning and after eating and with headaches - not sure why.

anyway, the nausea that you are getting with a sensitivity to light sounds like migraine, i know that some migraines show in the form of stomach ache and not headache, or the nausea can just be the start of a migraine - i get that too. talk to your doctor and see if there is anything they can do.

take care

becky x x x

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This is going to sound really weird, but when I was pregnant I had nausa bad and a friend told me to take a few sips of "real" rootbeer. It worked! I have told other people with POTS about this and they said that it worked for them. The real rootbeer doesn't contain artificial flavoring. I think it gets its flavor from sasparilla. Anyways, it's always the really expensive rootbeer in the fancy bottles whenever I'm looking for it. Hope this helps you.


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I only seem to experience nauseua and throwing up when I have a particularly bad episode. The past two weeks I was threw up 3 times, I tend to find that it's associated with a spike in heart rate and drop in blood pressure.

I haven't found any oneparticular thing that works for me at this point, but if I do, I'll be sure to share the information. ;)

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