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Please send thoughts for me


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Well I wanted to let the people that know me that I just had Quad By-pass..

I went into the ER because my BP went out of control (which mine does) and chest discomfort. They did EKG and saw inverted TWaves.... Then later that day they did a Heart cath on me and then Open Heart. I asked if they could slow down but it was already done..LOL....So now I have to check and do research on NCS, POTS, EDS and Heart Bypass. If anyone has any information that they might think I would want to read please send to me at VJWeaver32@earthlink.net. I am not really up to doing to much research right now but I do want to look into it and see if I may find something out that could help someone else from not going through this.

I hope all is doing okay and feeling well as can be expected.

Love and Hugs to all,

Vickie in Ohio


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Vicky, My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

I know a woman here in Toledo who had bypass surgery---and she did fine. She has ANS dysfunction-----basically a very poor ANS from years ago from a botched surgery to take pressure off her brain from excess CSF.

As a matter of fact we went to lunch week before last----had a good time.

Again my throghts and prayers for a successful recovery.

Julie :0)

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whew...that's enough to make me stop whining about feeling crummy.... :P

thank goodness that they took it all seriously though, and you made it through the surgery okay...

i know it will be a long and challenging recovery...and i hope you will continue to do well and improved daily...

sending good thoughts....

please keep us updated or just chirp up if you need a lift!


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You mean I can only have one day at the spa....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not fair.

It has always been really hard for me to take a shower and get ready and do it fast...Just doesn't work. Well now I am slower tahn that...Didn't think it was possible....LOL....Well atleast I know it will get better....

Thank You to all that has responded to my post. It has really helped keeping my humor going....

Michelle you know what I would be like without that....LOL....

Love to you all and hope all is doing as good as expected.


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:D I want to Thank everyone for the well wishes. I usually get over surgeries real easy but this one has kicked me right in the behind.

I still think someone come in my house and beat me almost to death. I don't think there is a part of my body that doesn't hurt.

This reminds me to not complain about the small stuff and the small pain...LOL...

Thank you all again and hope all is doing okay.

Love and Hugs,

Vickie :)

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Keep plugging along Vickie!! The pain will back off over time. I think it took my Dad a few months--but then again, he also got a staph infection in his chest bone and had to be re-opened two weeks after the bypass to shave off the infected bone matter and rewire his chest together. That set him back to day one as if he'd just had his bypass that day. Just to give you an idea--it's been 3 years now, and he exercises every day, goes fishing a few times a week in his boat by himself, and is probably more healthy than he's ever been despite being 65.

It amazes me that you have enough energy to be online! :D Nina

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