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Wound up in the E.R. yesterday


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Yes, I also experience this at times. Even last night I was lying in bed about to go to sleep and suddenly I felt a bit like I couldn't get enough breath. It was subtle, but disturbing enough to wake me up completely. I also have those awful PVCs that seem to knock the air out of me when they occur.

Good to check with your cardiologist on any new symptom. I have started giving a new or renewed symptom 2 to 3 days to see if it gets worse or goes away--so far, in my case, these days these events occur in clusters, and then dissipate.


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Oh Timbo, this is my worst symptom! I have had nonstop shortness of breath since day 1. I noticed this before I noticed my heart racing. I have no idea what causes it; I have had everything checked -- heart, lungs, etc. -- and although my pulmonary function test shows I have a very mild airflow obstruction, the pulmonologist has no idea why.

Does the shortness of breath come in episodes? Does it get better in any different positions? Lying flat helps for me; my heart stops racing and I breathe a little better. I also have a harder time breathing as the day goes on.

I am going to ask my doc to try an inhaler to see if this helps at all, just as a trial-and-error deal. Will report back if it helps. In the meantime, hope you feel better. Try abdominal breathing and yoga.


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Yep. I've been told that I have "atypical asthma"... very little wheezing, but very short of breath. I don't usually wheeze unless I've got pneumonia. The few times that wheezing set in, I ended up in the hospital for a few days.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Nina :rolleyes:

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So sorry for you. What an ordeal. And how painfully familiar. Strange too that after doing very well with "breathing" for years now, I found myself in the same sorry state this week as well. I wonder if the weather changing causes some kind of wind blown allergy .... I couldn't really place it though, I just felt like I wasn't getting enough air. I went out and (ok, I asked someone to go out for me) and picked up a Primatine Mist inhaler. Don't know if I'll actually use it, but it feels better having it around in case I get really bad.

Tell you what I did do though .... I happened to be at my therapists' office when I was having a hard time and I was telling her my shoulders were really painful and I felt like I was having a hard time breathing. She works in SE (somatic experiencing) and we did this session where she had me close my eyes and focus on my diaphram. I did that. I pictured it in my mind. What it looked like. Imagined what color it was. How thick it was. Didn't try and change it, just watched it. Noticed it. Then in about 10 minutes, I could feel my rib cage drop. I could tell I was breathing much deeper. And by the end of the session the pain in my shoulders had dissappeared as well.

Now that's not to say I was cured. I woke up the next morning totally panic'd and short of breath -- which is not usual for me. But gradually I'm trying to learn to watch and observe my own body and just "see" what happens.

Good luck to you on your healing journey.


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twice in recent weeks, the same thing for me. really bad.

both times normal.

i've been coughing up phelgm too. this kind of thing happened a lot when i first got sick,

but not since. now it's recurring again. accompanied by almost daily wheezing type symptoms.


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Weird- I've been short of breath a lot lately too, normally I don't experience this much anymore. I just wait for it to pass an it usually does after a while- but I find that chest opening positions (as in yoga montioned above) really help when it gets uncomfortable.

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Not sure if it's related, but this is ragweed season. Even my friends who have never had "hayfever" have been complaining that they've gotten symptoms this year. Me, I'm sounding like a baritone today--very deep voice, lots of phlegm, and my throat is sore from all the post nasal stuff. You'd think with all the allergy meds my allergist keeps me on, I'd be doing better--but lovely Summer made for a great growing season. Good for pollen...good for farmers... bad for the rest of us.

Again, hope you're feeling better. Nina

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Hey Earthmother,

I read your note. Be very careful with Primatine Mist. I used it ( once on Doctors advise) and ended up in the hospital for 3 days after I had only used it once. It caused horrible bronchial spasms. My heart raced for about 6 hours too. Just be careful, if you've used it before it could happen on the 2nd or 3rd use as their formula has tiny changes in it over time.


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Thanks for the support.

I did some reasearch and florinef can cause shortness of breath. But I think that it is being caused by POTS since I have been on florinef for years.

This is the first time I have had it and I have to say it is been the worst symptom I have had so far. It is really irritating being short of breath, this is wrecking my week.

I hope it goes away soon.


I tried closing my eyes and imagining the breathing process and it seems to work pretty good.


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