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  1. i think i've had my adrenals looked at maybe twice with previous blood work. once for sure, and that was when i was at my worst. nothing. nada. so that would seem to suggest i don't have any tumour. however, it's weird because my POTS 'crises' (when they occur, usually at night or when asleep) mimic those symptoms exactly. the hypertension, especially, fits the picture. it's both drastic and extremely short lived. the last time it happened i was 160/67 then went back down to 115/70 or so within about 2 minutes. i've told my cardiologist of these events. he is unconcerned. i've told ER doctors
  2. i do 'yaz' exercises. they help and are recommended for folx with orthostatic symptoms and deconditioning. justin
  3. wow. i'm sorry to hear that, too. good thing they detected it, though, cause most cerebral anyeurism ruptures actually occur in ppl. who's anyeurisms hadn't been diagnosed (i think). in answer to the POTS/anyeurism connection, i'm not entirely sure. however, i had an x-ray of my head when i was a baby (i had a dose related allergic reaction to penicillin that made my head swell to twice it's size) or something (i don't know if it was an x-ray or a CT or what) and my mom tells me that no anyeurism was detected. and i had a chest/abodomen CT last year, and it didn't see any aortic anyeurisms eit
  4. emily when i first starting getting symptoms of IBS (11 years ago now) i had just had my appendix removed. my mom drove me to the hospital several times in the following months because of the pain, which felt just as severe as the pain i experienced during the appendicitis. like, rolling around on the ground agony.... anyway, after a few times, they told me it was 'spastic colon' which was the sexy term they used back then to describe what has since become known as irritable bowel syndrome. anyway, fortunately for me, cramps only stuck around for the first few months of my entry into the wond
  5. extremely interesting, as i have IBS (have had it for 10+ years) and about two weeks ago had an abnormal bleeding episode. i do have rectal bleeding sometimes but it's almost always on the paper only and it happens WITH bowel movements. this time it happened without a BM, and was heavy enough that it stained my underwear and turned the toilet bowl water red. (i apologize if this is TMI for some ) anyway, the bleeing stopped shortly after, but since then i've been having much worse bloating, gas, constipation and nausea than is usual for my IBS. and also very abnormal BM's. on the other hand, f
  6. aha! as you may know, i went to BC (west coast canada) for a couple of weeks this past august. at the time, i was freaked out about flying and posted some of my worries here...anyway, all is good (i made it ) although not without symptoms on board... but i digress. i have to say my two weeks there were the best i'd had in months..apart from 1 fairly significant anxiety attack, i was at my least symptomatic (which for me, consists of being tachy and fatigued...but only those things --apart from my IBS and depression of course...heh..so, my only POTS symptoms i mean). since i got back in mid/la
  7. actually, i was just about to post this exact same question. and you beat me to it. nuts my query was going to be specific to potassium. cause i have now had 3 blood tests that have showed low potassium. the first was two summers ago, the second was last year, and the third was 3 weeks ago. but i have had blood tests in between those that have shown up normal (those being at times that i was making a conscious effort to get enough potassium). so it seems like i'm predisposed to this unless i watch it carefully. the correlation i have noted is an increase in 'panic attack' type symptoms.
  8. about why it's suddenly getting worse for you.... i wish i knew the answer to this question (generally). cause the other night i had several PVC's in a row within a half a minute. which i'm sure is nothing compared to what some of y'all go through, but seeing as how i hadn't had hardly any PVC's in so many months, it came as something of a rude shock. i couldn't trace it to anything that i'd been doing (or not doing) or any meaningful circumstancial thing. so of course i began to worry about it, since i couldn't figure out an explanation.... it's hard to accept that it's just something that h
  9. i've done some yoga, mostly at home. it was mainly before i got ill, but i have done a few positions since. found that some of the positions are next to impossible. also, and this is IMPORTANT, some yoga positions are contraindicated for people with various medical conditions (including heart conditions). personally, i would recommend you stay away from positions such as the headstand (i.e. any positions that invert the body) or the crow. safer ones are the sun salutation, the triangle and maybe the shoulderstand. the fish may help with breathing, but it can make you feel really strange afte
  10. which ssri is your son on? i've tried to quit my anti-depressant no less than six times, each time with disastrous results. i think the longest i've made it is a week, and the withdrawal symptoms/side effects are just too much. you must always taper off, never go cold turkey. your doc should say the same thing. if on a normal dose, try cutting in half for a week or two, then in half again, and then if possible--again. by that time your dose will be so low that it would be virtually the same as taking nothing, so you can simply stop. so, for example, celexa: say you're on 40 mg drop to: 20 mg 1
  11. twice in recent weeks, the same thing for me. really bad. both times normal. i've been coughing up phelgm too. this kind of thing happened a lot when i first got sick, but not since. now it's recurring again. accompanied by almost daily wheezing type symptoms. blah.
  12. gena. the following are some short-term *cures for severe crisis type tachy episodes. 1) some paramedics taught me this trick. you do deep breathing, except between the inhale and the exhale you wait for 2-3 seconds and bear down slightly on your diaphragm. then you exhale more slowly. so: deep regular breath. hold and tighten your stomach muscles a couple seconds. exhale. repeat. apparently, this acts on the vagus/vagal nerve to slow your heart rate. 2) elevate your legs really, really high (i usually put my legs straight up against the wall). 3) this works if you have someone with you. as
  13. ginger: i get tachycardia upon standing, but in the virtual absence of hypotension (most days). that is to say, my BP drops ever so slightly, but not enough to be classified as orthostatic hypotension (although i HAVE HAD orthostatic hypotension, just never when my doctor/cardiologist/whoever takes my pressure while standing). justin
  14. interesting about the dental thing. i sometimes do notice myself clenching my jaw a lot...anyway, i have had ear pain, but only recently. like over the last couple of months. before that i can't recall it ever being a significant problem. i have also noticed what tends to make my ear pain (As well as my neck pain) worse. and that is cold. cold winds in particular. after a few minutes exposed to a cold wind, bingo...bad pain in my ears and my neck.
  15. i've had a 3 echocardiograms, 1 holter monitor, all the usual cardiac blood work and of course the ubiquitious ecg/ekg's (had so many of those i'd probably make a pretty good tech myself. heh) justin
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