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  1. I would work on finding out what she can tolerate, intimacy wise. Like this might be TMI but personally I need certain things to feel okay. The room has to be cold, I can't just have eaten, i can't be on top because i get light headed, sometimes I have to take breaks. I've been with my BF for 6 years and he's accommodated everything I need and understand, it took a lot of the guilt away of not being able to act like a 20 something year old with a high sex drive. I hope that makes sense. Talk to her about it.
  2. I have severe panic attacks, have for years, not as much now as I've learned to control them. But when I get nervous, say if I'm coming to a stop light and don't notice how close people are and have to slam on my breaks or something or if i have to present in front of people i get a little bit nervous but then it's like a rush, a flood of a panic attack. I can feel it, it just releases and my body feels weird and it's hard to breath and my heart starts pounding out of my hearts and i get shaky etc.
  3. hyper pots, PCOS, insulin resistance, erythromelelgias, pineal cyst, *possible MCAS, GERD and I feel like there's more lol
  4. Oh i have a lot its horrible with any physical exertion but the propranolol didnt help much to begin with
  5. My heart rate is almost the same i'd say to be honest, i mostly took propranolol to avoid panic attacks and spikes in my anxiety levels, so i feel a bit more anxious but it's an okay level
  6. I have elevated stuff in my blood, i don't remember the name, i have a urine test tomorrow to get it officially checked. But yeah i feel like propranolo helped take the edge off aas far as panic attacks and stuff but my breathing was rough, my chest got tight a lot
  7. Well I saw a pulmonologist, and I don't have asthma or anything like that and my lungs function okay. I am being testing for MCAS though but yeah I think the propranolol made it way worse.
  8. Over the last 6 months my BP was slowly increasing and was usually around 130/100 with the diastolic at least 90. I started increasing my propranolol dosage thinking it would help lower my BP. Was in the hospital once for a BP of 155/110. Very scary. Well I've been off propranolol for a month now and my BP is almost ALWAYS normal. Just took it right now 118/78. Completely normal. And I feel better, less breathing issues as well. I have hyper pots so my BP does get elevated when I'm active but now it's normal when resting and lower in general. Thought I'd give an update!
  9. Hi. A while back, you were asking about a Dr in the Seattle area. I believe that my daughter that attends the University of Washington suffers from POTS. Her cardiologist at UW medicine called her emotional and does not believe her, despite having the s/sx that many of you talk about.  I'm trying to help her from California. Did you ever find a Dr in Seattle that understands this disorder?  Thank you so much!

  10. I have hyper pots. My pots began as panic attacks and then escalated from there. I have had panic attacks for years and anxiety everyday
  11. Has she been checked for ehler danlos syndrome or reynauds
  12. What type of pots do you have
  13. I've got bronchitis and i cant take bronchiodilators because it makes my heart freak out. What medicines have you guys used with little to no side effects when you're sick?
  14. Since becoming vegan/low carb mod fat I have felt sooo much better. I originally stopped eating meat because my doctor told me that when you eat dense foods your blood goes to your gut to assist with digestion, by not eating dense foods and smaller meals it limits that. And it really helps. My stomach is really sensitive but if I over eat or eat too much fat Ifeel bad. Veganism has helped me feel waaaaay better, I lost weight, have more energy and I eat 3/4 small meals every 4/5 hours. It has helped me a lot, but everyone is different of course but I recommend it as long as you're supplementing correctly as needed.
  15. The important thing about food is that you eat a variety. You need multiple sources of vitamins and proteins from different sources. As long as you're supplementing your diet with vitamins, shakes etc you should be fine. People usually lean two ways when it comes to dieting, KETO which is high fat low carb or low fat high carb. Your body needs 1 or the other to sustain itself. This is exactly what my nutritionist/dietitian told me. I'm vegan and have been for a long time and recently moved over to low carb moderate fat. Obviously everybody needs time to adjust to dietary changes but do what works for you but remember you need something to sustain you.