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  1. Oh wow this is very interesting as I've found that my propranolol barely helps me at all anymore and I've basically stopped taking it. I'll have to ask my cardio about clonodine but I am going to the UW neuro center where they test and have specialist. Will be seeing doctor So I believe. Hopefully that might help too. Hyper pots is frustrating,
  2. I would see about going to an endocrinologist to have your hormones tested, it's a bit different because you're not a female and with my issues I experience high spikes when it's near and during that time of month. But you should have your vitamins, hormones, thyroid, cortisol and whatever else might be helpful. POTS affects all systems in the body so it's not abnormal for something to be imbalanced. I hope you can figure out what's going on, even maybe checking your glucose levels. I know that with my insulin resistance high testosterone levels are a symptoms of that which is what I have.
  3. My bp lingers around 110/90ish these days but with any activity or heat it shoots up, is this something you guys experience too? Wondering if this would help more than propranolol
  4. What meds were they
  5. If you were on the verge if cardiac arrest the chances of them finding it are very high. Obviously we are not doctors but if you've seen multiple doctors telling you your pulse is ok then the chances of it being okay are also pretty high. I think you maybe could benefit from some anxiety medication. I know i do
  6. Ive had my blood pressure at 155/105 and felt a little anxious but nothing too weird. Everyone is different. But still ask your doc about it. They'll tell you to check it at home since readings in doctors offices arent accurate due to stress
  7. We're not supposed to give medical advice but i would assume if youve had multiple doctors say your pulse is alright that is probably is. Did they say anything about your bp? Anxiety maybe?
  8. Weird, i have hyper pots too and was advised against it. I usually eat about half the recommended daily value.
  9. Im also hyper pots and insulin resistance and yes i have it mostly in my legs though. Some days i get it in my pointer finger or thumb etc, it varies
  10. If your body is hypertensive i wouldnt be drinking salt water as that can elevate your bp. If i have too much salt my bp gets pretty high too especially from emotional stress
  11. Dizzy, i used to have actual EM, so my extremeties would get red and hot to the touch. That rarely happens now its just my veins but they knly cause me pain if im hot. I used to have issues at night too and used to have to sleep with a damp towel over my legs and a fan in them so i could stay cold. It was really horrible. I'm so sorry for your daughter that sounds awful. At night time now i only sometimes get like a full feeling, so my knees feel full of blood if that makes sense. Hard to explain but then i get restless leg syndrome symptoms too. And yes pots is hyper when your blood pressure goes high but mine isn't really affected by posture. I feel horrible regardless of I'm upright or not, my bloodpressure and heart rate don't fluctuate very much in that regard. But they did not test my levels during my ttt.
  12. So I was diagnosed with hyper POTS years ago, since then my symptoms have changed but I've never had low blood pressure and when I exert myself even a little bit my blood pressure gets crazy high, and I think that's what makes my heart race so much and why I get so winded. I do get the throbbing head when I stand up but I don't think it's because of low blood pressure, but high instead. I also have this very unique thing I've never found anyone else who has which is where my blood vessel dilate to insane amounts that its like my veins are one fire. They protrude out of my skin and my hands and feet and sometime face get extremely hot and flushes. I was diagnosed with erythromelelgia years ago but I don't have the same symptoms. I'm kind of going crazy the last few weeks as my symptoms have greatly been changing and now I'm in pain almost all of the time in my legs. I'm kind of not sure where to go from here. The only thing that has been consistent on my blood work is elevated c reactive protein which indicated inflammation somewhere, but they don't know where. I'm half venting and half looking for advice on what I should do =/
  13. I have something similar, think mine is caused by my GERD though which is common because of the vagus nerve simulation. If you get a lot of indigestion or stomach issues nigjt be worth looking into.
  14. I've been taking propranolol for about 3 years, i take it every few days 30mg once a day when I need it or when I know I'm going to be anxious. My BP has always been normal if not perfect. Until the last 6 months my blood pressure has been elevated, so I started taking more pronranolol thinking it could lower it, seems that it just kept getting higher. I was in the ER the other day because my BP was 155/105, I know thats' not hypertensive crisis but for someone with normal BP I was worried. They said everything was fine, well since then I stopped taking my propranolol and my blood pressure is back down to 115/80 like it has been. I'm so confused and now I'm scared to even take my propranolol which was kind of my life line when I was anxious. Anyone experienced anything similar?
  15. Have you had any kind of brain mri or ct?