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  1. Just popping in after a few months because this really resonated with me. For me, too, life is increasingly seeming like an exercise in just pushing through, made bearable by the possibility that one day I won't feel this way on a regular basis. Self-deception isn't exactly bad if it's another tool in your box, I guess. I'm glad a couple of people have found some relief with Mestinon. I'm going to bring it up with my doctor at my next appointment. Willingness to try medications has become my number one criterion for doctors, as I'm also essentially undiagnosed at this point.
  2. I'm curious about the connection between craniocervical instability and POTS in relation to my own symptoms, and wondered if those with the condition could answer a few questions. 1. What are your most prominent symptoms and which did you notice first? (i.e., did you start having terrible head and neck aches, or did you notice heartbeat irregularities first?) 2. Which tests confirmed the diagnosis? (i.e., an MRI/X-rays/other imaging, and were they done supine or upright? Did they include both the brain and spine?) 3. Did they determine the cause of the instability? Many t
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