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  1. I've noticed that I am the most symptomatic after eating carbs in the morning. I can better tolerate them later in the day. I have no idea why. I also do best eating fat and protein with a small amount of carbs, especially in the morning.
  2. Thank you for the information! Are you super restrictive on the carbs (like keto)?
  3. Which diet do you think is best for POTS? I get symptomatic after eating and I am looking for some relief.
  4. Yes, POTS and a large Thanksgiving meal don't mix. Feel like rubbish today. I love carbs but they seem like poison to me.
  5. No, I haven't been tested for Sjogren's syndrome. I do have a very dry mouth and my tongue is sore and painful.
  6. Sounds like you might have a vocal cord issue too.
  7. I thought I had asthma and was on meds for it for 12 years. Then I found out I don't have asthma at at all, I have vocal cord dysfunction. I was wondering if anyone else has it and if it is related to POTS in any way. My main symptom is severe coughing fits several times a day. I've seen a speech therapist and have some breathing exercises that help some but not as much as I'd like.
  8. My POTS symptoms began in 1993. Ever since then, I have had issues with feeling bad after I eat. Carbs and sugar are the worst triggers, but so are large meals. My symptoms are: tachycardia, shakiness, weakness, strong urge to lie down, hungry about 2 hours after I eat, difficulty concentrating for a couple of hours after I eat, bloating, and sometimes dizziness. Breakfast is worst for me but I am able to tolerate more foods by evening. I have discovered that eating smaller meals and adding a fat or protein to my meal helps. I always thought that my symptoms were the result of delayed ga
  9. When I started taking Florinef several years ago I began having the stuffy ears feeling and the roaring sound in my ears. I also had headaches,which finally went away even though I stayed on the Florinef. In June Dr. Grubb upped my Florinef to 2 pills per day and now the ear symptoms are worse (like when you have a cold with a lot of congestion and you can't hear right). I have also been having killer headaches. The most painful symptom is that my head feels like it will burst open when I cough or bend over. These "cough headaches" didn't start immediately after Dr. Grubb increased my Flor
  10. Rachel, Thanks! I'll definitely check those links out. Katybug, I've been seriously considering a chiropractor. I went to one a few years ago. I think that might be my next step. If that doesn't work , I might try a neurologist.
  11. Thanks Rachel. I have not been tested for Chiari. I have read a little bit about it. Do the symptoms hit you suddenly or are you born with it?
  12. Katybug, I'm definitely going to try the tennis balls! I always feel better when I can massage the back of my neck at the base of my skull. It's pretty hard to do that alone , though. Kirsti, I increased my Florinef dose in June, but the headaches didn't hit until Sept. Dr. Grubb said the headaches probably aren't related, but it is still a possibility. Chaos, I'll have to read up on the ice pick headaches. This last antibiotic doesn't seem to be helping. I have one pill left, but the headaches are still here. The headaches seem to get worse with stress, but are also with me when I am just
  13. I have been having a lot more headaches during the last month. I am now on my third course of antibiotics (all the drs. I've seen seem to think it's a sinus infection). The headaches sometimes start at the base of my skull where it joins my neck. I've always had this kind occasionally, but now they are daily. I am also having sharp pain around my eyes. There is a tooth (an upper molar) that shoots pain up to my eye. I've had the tooth x-rayed and it is ok. The brand new headache I'm having is when I cough or bend over I have these stabbing pains in my head. It feels like my skull is goi
  14. I don't know if it's related to POTS, but I have it too. My hair is very fine anyway, and now I am losing a lot.
  15. I can't offer any advice, but I just wanted to comment on the ear fluttering sound. I have been having a headache that has been going on for almost 2 weeks. It hurts most when I cough or bend over, but hurts off and on at other times too. I also have the same ear fluttering or popping sounds you described. I thought it was a sinus infection, but finished a course of antibiotics and I still have it.
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