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  1. I wonder why it causes such a quick drastic improvement then a crash
  2. Before getting diagnosed I had taken a Medrol dose pack on the second day I felt almost normal my pulse was staying steady standing and sitting and moving. Then the next day I was back to the huge increases impulse and feeling horrible it was dramatic Improvement on the second day. Does anybody have any experience
  3. I used to take Benadryl to sleep but I do not anymore it used to give me very the dreams period I took it a couple years ago when in a very bad flare and it helped initially but then made it way worse I think. I wonder if there's any connection.. Benadryl blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which whereas mestinon enhances it. I seem to have a rebound adrenergic release or dump after having taken it
  4. I read in a post from someone else that their Mild flavors come last few weeks and the bad ones a couple of months. The way that they deal is to have no stimulation. No TV. Reducing stimulation even putting on sunglasses and noise cancelling headphones. Someone else referred to it as trying to get a big ship to stop and turn around once the adrenalin gets going
  5. Do you get any relief from drinking large amounts of fluids?
  6. Does it work for you for anxiety /adrenalin?
  7. I was taking Prozac but it makes my hair fall out and I wanted to keep my hair. Does welbutrin make your hair fall out?
  8. This helps. So hard when you're on a flare and your mind is so foggy I can't remember feeling normal Thank you
  9. Oh..and I would recommend keeping your stress down as much as possible. That includes reduce noise light no stressful movies no exciting movies no talking to anyone that will make you angry or You have to keep your adrenaline down right now. And actually on the fence here as far as whether or not to exercise. In the past I felt like I was dying but I read exercise helped so I forced myself to lose excruciating but it did help for a short period of time. I'm not sure if it helps get rid of some of the adrenaline. I have read from some comments that people will say exercise can help but
  10. Gosh everything you're just grading sounds like the exact flair that I'm having right now. On day 12. Evenings are much better but mornings afternoons and early evening horrendous. Can I ask you what you're taking? How long have you had pots? My first flare was like this. It was the first time I ever went to the doctor. Prior to that I knew something was wrong but I knew that they would just tell me I was crazy So I waited until I thought I was dying My heart was beating a radically my chest felt like it was being crushed and I was going to faint and I was having diarrhea all of the time a
  11. It's been 12 days now and I can barely get out of bed my chest was so tight I couldn't even explaining my symptoms because I felt so out of it but I think in hindsight that it's massive amounts of jonalyn I can't even get relief when I lay down and eventually usually in the evening I feel like I can breathe I feel like I can rest and then it all hits me like a ton of bricks in the morning when I wake up and it's diarrhea constant up and down shaking Tremors nauseous dizzy chest hurts I lay down as much as I can but it doesn't bring relief for a long time I have in the past tried to exercise th
  12. So you have POTS? Sounds like a bad flare doesn't it? I'm in one right now and my blood pressure has been a lot higher. They're trying to take me off the steroid and possibly female beta blocker
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