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  1. I do have higher morning blood sugar with adrenaline. 2 yrs ago I barely ate anything for weeks and it was usually 108 every morning but even 123 with more adrenaline
  2. Same. Fasting is usually 108 in morning. Got it down to 98 doing keto. I eat only after 6 pm because too nauseaus /upset stomach earlier. Could not get blood sugar below 87 doing keto n fasting ...fasting was not really intentional. Was pretty strictly extremely low carb. ...
  3. I've been denied. My case is a bit unusual because a lot of my doctors notes from the first 5 months of my case I was pretending to feel better than I did. I didn't want to lose my job and was trying not to get fired. Also if my employer terminated me prior to paying my bonus they didn't have to give it to me according to my contract. It was more than my entire annual salary so at the time I dragged my self in and at times could barely stand up and had severe chest pain and diarrhea but pretended to be ok for the 4 days spread over 2 weeks they had me come back at the end of FLMA. I even asked my doctors to write letter saying that I could go back to work. I could exercise intensly but briefly at the time too which made me look very able. I was an athlete. Fast forward now and I have been for over a hundred days sicker than ever bedridden for about 2 months and extremely ill the rest of the time. I am so much weaker now. My strengths gone. There's no way I can work but I have been denied. I cannot imagine working. Whats my best next step? Local SSDI or another attorney. Also my private disability policy that I purchased denied me as well.
  4. Any answers? In same scenario. I used to be able to exercise to help now any exertion is too much...no relief.
  5. I'm not on one currently. I was on one a yr ago Prozac but lost alot of hair so stopped. But I did ok off it till now. I may have overdid exercise a couple months ago leading to this. I wad stupid to do so much.
  6. Thank you. Interesting. I'm needing something to change here. I have an appointment with the new nurse practitioner that I've never met before on Wednesday. I typically see a different one at the Cleveland Clinic but he is not available. I've been so sick the last couple months. Trying everything lots of bed rest exercise has quite a bit as I can I am drinking probably six liters a day ..probably more with 4 teaspoons of salt. They put me on the Propranolol and took me off the fluro cortisone. My blood pressure is now down. Do you think I should ask to be put back on the Fludrocortisone so that I don't have to drink so much?
  7. Thank you. Still on bed. I'm scared it's going to be a horrible day because of yesterday
  8. Its 67 in bed now. I've been up a few times thru the night. Made me less able to sleep. Sleep has been really bad for 2 months now anyway Not sure what the day will be like. Usually gets bad for 8 hrs in mornings while in this flare Diarhea.nausea weak off balance. Waking up is scary because things start to go downhill.
  9. I know that Lexapro and Prozac are both ssris but I don't know which one would be better? Also have you heard that snris are not good for hyper-pots? Have you tried Prozac?
  10. What were your adrenalin issues if you don't mind me asking? I take propranolol but its not enough...in bad flare. I'm having cramps. Twitches. Tremors. Sleeplessness and feel adrenalin still even with propranolol. Before propranolol heart palpitations irregular high. Tingles in extremities. So bad. I have an appt with a nurse practitioner and don't know if I should ask for something
  11. What happens if you get your HR too high? I just swam for a long time & it won't come down. Staying 90 laying down which is normally 55. Scared
  12. Do you notice the mestinon helps alot? I take it but not sure.
  13. How long to pull out if it? I'm on 9th week. Doing 6 liters h2o. Salt. Hard to eat so weak.
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