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  1. I do have an instapot that we use but the diet/food my husband needs and the food I need are at polar opposites it is like cooking 2 different meals mine and his. I have done the freezer stock up...was just hoping to get something simpler for the two of us. I have even looked at the suvie cooker, buying a harvest right freeze dryer...thanks for answering and trying to help
  2. I have POTS, NCS, MCAS... I am trying to find a diet program that provides ready made meals that will work with my allergies and other issues for the next 3-4 months. I am having enough issues that preparing meals is not possible and my husband will be having neck C1 -C3 fused (he already has C3 -C7 fused) and knee surgery ( both knees replaced) so he will be out of commission for a couple months. I was hoping some of you in the group have tried some of the food by mail and can give me honest feedback. Thanks in advance for any ideas and feedback. I just can’t get out to the stores much and p
  3. I have a cool shirt system and couldn’t live with out it, I used it in Las Vegas Nv (high heat no humidity) and RDU area NC ( high heat lots of humidity) when we lived in these and many other states. I will say that it is expensive to get the cool shirt system, but I have tried many different types over the years and like this the best. They have vests, shirts, and pants.
  4. They checked for APS or sticky blood many times, I am always just inside of what they say is normal range high or low depending what version of the test they do.
  5. Yes they have been testing me for many years and can’t figure out what is going on. I always seem to be a little high or a little low on the tests. I think my normal does not fall into the ranges they have/use. It is that way for almost everything with me. Glad to hear how well the infusions/port is working for you.
  6. Anyone else have issues with blood clots (DVT, PE, TIA). Doctors are having trouble figuring out the problem, one minute I am clotting up, the next I am Practically bleeding out. I was not on any blood thinners or other medicine to help clot.
  7. I have stomach dumping and gastroparesis, depends on what the POTS and NCS are doing at any one time as to what my GI is doing. I have one medicine that helps when the pain get pretty unbearable it is hyoscyamine, you could check and see if your doctor thinks it might be worth trying. Good luck
  8. The port can also do what they call migration/migrating, why not just tell us it is shifting, moving from its original placement. I had that happen and they had to finally do X-rays to confirm it. It really really hurt, they went in and placed it back where it should be and now it is wonderful. I do get a little pain from scar tissue rubbing but so much better than all the needle sticks in the arm, leg neck, groin... I have also had blood clots and been on blood thinners.
  9. I have had my LINQ ILR for around 2 years and it has been a god send. My doctors have been able to see everything I was telling them was happening but sounded unbelievable. The placement of it was relatively easy, I had to have general anesthesia because I am alllergic to locals, I would do it again in an instant. Good luck
  10. I have found CBD oil to help, if you try it it must be the all cbd oil so that it is legal in all 50 states. If you are lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana is legal it will be easy to find a good quality safe cbd oil, otherwise due your research on the supplier you buy from. Please check with you doctor before trying.
  11. Gabapentin is no good for me but it works great for my son.
  12. I have both stomach dumping and gastroparesis it just depends on what my body says is going to work or not work at any given time. Sorry you are having these problems, I would make sure to get with GI doctor for testing. Good luck
  13. I have what sounds like something similar, we finally figured out that I am allergic/sensitive to the material or the gases given off of a lot of new materials especially if they are synthetic. Hope you figure out what is happening/causing this issue.
  14. It was a long hard battle that took over 7 years but finally I have it. Yes I am happy but equally sad that I am now officially disabled. I had the help of wonderful doctors and my lawyers, I only hope that as more and more of us get our benefits ( hoping less and less of us will need them as they find out more about dysautonomia) that it will be easier for others. I am glad for the ones who have a shorter battle than I did. The comments I heard most were you are to young, your husband makes good money, you are not really sick get a job, and you don’t need this let sick and old people get thes
  15. I get fluids before surgery and they use different types on me depending how deeply and how long I am under sedation/anesthesia. I know they use propofol for lighter sedation on me not sure what the others are.
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