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  1. Thank you! -- yes, my prescription would be for 30mg x3/day (pretty sure that's what it was). Haven't picked it up yet...
  2. @PistolThis is very helpful information- thank you so much!! Those are the things I've been confused about with hyperPOTS-- my symptoms line up with that more than with the other types, but the lower BP and symptoms of both vasoconstriction/dilation didn't make sense to me. So you can have both sides of it with this type? It's reassuring that this medication has helped you with similar symptoms. And I'd be starting on the low dose of 30mg/day too. Yes, that is interesting that it stabilizes things for you when you think it would make them worse... it makes me more comfortable giving it a
  3. Hi! I take a multivitamin to cover the bases and add in extra VD (I'm usually deficient), VC for immune support, a probiotic that also has zinc and other gut support, Circumin for inflammation, and magnesium to help me relax and ease my chest pain. I also drink herbal teas like Throat Coat, ginger, peppermint, and chamomile. I've tried other things over the years, but these are the ones I've stuck with
  4. New findings and question... So my symptoms have been escalating over the last few weeks, I think maybe due to spring allergies... I passed out after taking meds, ended up in the ER, and have been in a flare since. It's pretty clear now that my beta-blocker (propranolol) is causing some or most of my bad episodes of chest pain/trouble breathing. So I'm currently tapering off of that. Also being evaluated for the possibility of mild asthma or some other airway problem (Albuterol helps a lot for attacks, but I can't take the steroid inhaler because of side effects). My cardiologist wants me
  5. Thank you @Ashleigh for the feedback and recommendations! I'm glad you found some things that help your pain. I can't take anti-inflammatories now, but they did help me too when I was on them. Yes- I have noticed that it's much worse whenever I'm in a flare or other situation that makes me tense. After having further evaluation and testing over the last few weeks, I'm pretty sure there is more than one thing causing my chest pain, so that would make sense that not all my symptoms will fit into one category.
  6. Thank you, @Pistol! I'm pretty sure I have hyperPOTS too (just can't get anyone to actually test for and diagnose it), but, yes, it does sound different. I actually haven't spoken directly to my surgeon-- maybe that's something I should do though. I definitely have GI issues and chronic pain related to not having a gallbladder now, and I have followed up with my GI since surgery. I've had chest x-rays, CT scan, barium swallow, endoscopy, breathing tests,... so I feel like they have been pretty thorough. I do have acid reflux and gastritis, but the reflux is pretty well managed now - that's act
  7. Hi! I've had POTS for several years now, but more recently have been dealing with episodes of severe chest pain. They actually started just after having my gallbladder removed in 2019. So I started having constant chest pain/tightness about a month after my surgery (dr thinks that may be costochondritis), but then I also have these times where my chest starts going into spasms and I feel like I cannot draw a breath in. The tight crushing pain starts below my right ribcage and quickly moves all the way across my chest then up to the center. Feels like there is a tight band wrapped around my che
  8. Hi @Alicat_326 , I used to have very similar symptoms to what you describe (especially the pain!) and mine ended up being endometriosis plus POTS. For me, they both came on together, so it was very difficult to sort out which symptoms were from what. That was about five years ago. I was able to see an amazing endo specialist and am now in remission with very few symptoms from that. However, my POTS is still an issue and does flare up during my periods, which I think is pretty typical. All the best to you and I hope you can figure out what is causing your symptoms and get some relief soon!
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