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  1. @yogini By the way, I did the poor man’s tilt test at home and I definitely go over +30 bpm every time I stand, almost instantly. My BP stays stable though...
  2. @Pistol Thank you for these details on IV fluids! I guess I will have to take that tilt test before I can get any prescriptions anyway, but that is very useful information. Did not see any French physician on the physicians list of the site, but the cardiologist I am in contact with in Paris was talking about a tilt test, so I guess that means he has notions in dysautonomia. @yogini Thank you for taking the time to read my post and answer me! You're right I am still unsure of what are the causes of my chest pains. My cardiologist thought the stress test they use to diagnose
  3. Dear MomtoGiuliana Thank you very much for your advice. I would like to try IV fluids, but I need to be diagnosed as POTS before, which is not my case for the moment... Could you please enlighten me about what are in these fluids, and how do you administrate them by yourself? My cardiologist insisted I cannot use BBs as they will all give me chest pain. Thank you very much for your support.
  4. Dear Pistol Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. This means a lot to me! In fact, I had read a post where you were talking of Prinzmetal and was hoping you would read my post! Thank you for all your answers. You confirm my feeling Diltiazem is not directly related to my POTS symptoms. I have a cardiologist appointment tomorrow and will talk with him about the BBs, although his view is that Prinzmetal patients should never touch any BB of any sorts. The thing is I never did the Prinzmetal stress test, so there is no way to be sure this indeed was the cause of my first
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, a French guy living in Japan, 39 yo. I would like first to thank everyone posting on this forum, for it is a great information source for me lately. I allow myself to write this post as I am fighting with what looks like POTS (haven't been diagnosed, no Tilt test where I live) for 6 months. To briefly expose my situation, I first had shingles on my left chest in February, followed with cluster headaches I had 10 years before (but had disappeared since). In March, I started to experience horrible chest pain during the night and had hea
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