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  1. I've seen my O2 dip as well. Does anything make your breathing better? Do you take any meds for it?
  2. Thanks for your response. What do you take for your asthma? And how can you tell the difference between the two types of tachy/sob?
  3. I am seeing an allergist and a pulmonologist. My allergist is not helpful at all. My pulmonologist is at least trying to help. Lol My cardiologist didn't seem to think any beta blocker would cause an issue with my asthma or my low bp. I have been told by my previous cardiologist otherwise though so I'm nervous about trying it. Sometimes I find it extremely difficult to differentiate between pots tachycardia and sob and asthma tachy and sob. 😭
  4. Hi! I'm hoping for some feedback. I have pots. I also have asthma. I've landed in the ER several times this year for my asthma. I get extremely short of breath and wheeze and can barely talk. My o2 levels differ. Sometimes they are perfectly normal and other times low 90s high 80s (not sure if I am getting false readings). I've also noticed during these awful shortness of breath flares my tachycardia acts up. Do the two go hand and hand? Does anybody else get SOB with tachycardia? My cardio wants me on a beta blocker but I heard they aren't great for breathing issues. Any insight or experience with that? So I guess long story short I'm wondering if the tachycardia and sob go hand in hand? What does everybody else do for it? For those that have asthma, is it well controlled? What do you take? And is there anything else to help breathing and heartrate in general? Also what HR meds do you find that don't affect your breathing or asthma? Thank you!
  5. Thanks for your response. Is there anything that helps you? Do you have any gastro related issues?
  6. Anybody get ectopic beats or sinus arrythmia while eating? It is super unsettling and makes me not want to eat. 😭
  7. Have they checked your aldosterone?
  8. Hi all! Three things... 1. What are everybody's tips and tricks for low blood pressure? 2. What causes flares for you? I feel like once a flare hits I just have to manage symptoms and ride it out. 3. For those of you that have shortness of breath, what does it feel like, and what helps (if anything)? Mine feels like I can get it a enough air, but it is not satisfying. Idk how else to describe it. Thanks in advance!
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