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  1. The elbow and the wrist are common places for the ulnar and radial nerve to become trapped or pinched. If you’re sleeping in an awkward position or have these joints bent (like over your head or curled under your body, etc) it can surely causes tingling and numbness in your hand or arm. I almost always wake up at some point throughout the night with a numb or painful hand!! I tend to just straighten out my arm and hang it over the bed to restart proper circulation. I’ve heard that wearing elbow/wrist braces during sleep can prevent the nerves from slipping or becoming trapped. Best wishes - feel better!!
  2. Showers are awful for me too. The hot water doesn’t bother me but the standing and scrubbing shampoo in my hair is what makes me lightheaded and gives me tachycardia. I try to take my showers in the evening, when possible, so I’m able to just lay down or go to bed right after. A shower chair could be a good idea!
  3. I have no idea if this is POTS/dysautonomia related or not, but does anyone else suffer from nightmares? I started having them earlier this year and over the past couple of months I've been having them weekly, sometimes multiple times per week - it's very unsettling!! They're vivid and violent and usually leave me absolutely exhausted for the rest of the day, probably due to the sleep disturbance. I can fall asleep pretty well at night and get a solid 4-5 hours, and then the nightmares start (I would assume REM sleep at this stage) and then I'm either woken and stay awake, or fall back asleep but continue to have the nightmare. I do take clonidine for my blood pressure, and I read that a rare side effect can be nightmares, but I've been on this medication for at least a year so I'm not sure if this is the cause. Anyone else suffer from nightmares or have any ideas on what I can do to reduce the frequency?
  4. Is it POTS symptoms flaring or is it a legit allergic reaction to the insect bites? I once ended up in the hospital from a simple mosquito bite due to major swelling and all the symptoms you describe - although I guess it’s hard to say for sure because a lot of the symptoms are similar. It’s all so interchangeable! Could be MCAS. Have you ever been tested for it?
  5. The top number is your systolic blood pressure and it measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart beats. The bottom number is your diastolic blood pressure and it measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart rests between beats. I know that doesn’t really answer your question but maybe it can help you to pinpoint why your BP is the way it is. It sounds like your vessels were resting well in between beats, but were having a harder time keeping up with the blood flow AS it’s beating.
  6. It definitely can be a symptom. I have high blood pressure also and the only thing that (mostly) works for me is Clonidine. What does your doctor suggest? Have you tried other beta blockers or calcium channel blockers to bring your numbers down?
  7. It’s very normal to have concentrated urine first thing in the morning because, as you said, the body is more dehydrated due to us not intaking fluids while we sleep. The foaming or bubbling however may indicate a minor infection like a UTI, so when in doubt you could always ask your doctor about getting a quick test done. If your sleep is already so interrupted I personally wouldn’t make that worse by adding in extra trips to the bathroom! If you’re worried, chat with your doctor. Best wishes!
  8. I take Clonidine to lower my BP and Ivabradine to lower my HR. My doctors have had to increase the dosages of both multiple times though, so I’m not sure how much it’s actually working. The Clonidine does make me very sleepy, but I don’t faint more by being on it. Are you on medications currently? What has your doctor suggested?
  9. I used to have a wrist one and had a feeling it was quite inaccurate because my readings were so wonky, so I brought it to a docs appointment one time and it was way off!! I definitely trust the upper arm ones more!!
  10. Everybody is different in terms of when their symptoms hit, but in my experience anything under 90 should be discussed with a doctor. Perhaps your daughter needs something a little more than Florinef to help bring her BP up? Has she been salt loading and staying hydrated?
  11. Hi there. Yes I do know what you’re talking about! Whether I’m socializing with people or just out by myself trying to get some errands done I can get very lightheaded, congested, flushed, etc. and then I totally start to space out (which can make driving an issue for me). I think you’re right in that social stress probably plays some factor, but it sounds like you have a very hypersensitive response to that sort of stimuli. A lot of people on this forum have hypertensive reactions to their environment - large groups of people, talking, sounds, lights - so you’re not alone!!
  12. @joshrandall There is lots of validation to go around here in regards to symptoms and such, but that can only do so much. Pistol is right, please seek a trusted physician to help you out during this time as well. Once I found the right one it really lifted my spirits. Good luck and best wishes.
  13. Oh, well that’s interesting then. I never had any xrays taken when I did any of my stress tests...
  14. Thanks @Pistol!! A stress test was one of the first things they did with me (and then another 5 times...) but I’ve never had the nuclear version of it. So are you saying that it’s basically just a noninvasive version of an angiogram? Because from what you’re describing they both diagnose/rule out very similar things, just with that added element of “exercise” on the stress test. Like if a physician found an abnormality on a regular stress test I’m wondering if next step would be a nuclear stress test or an angiogram... I guess it can depend on the patient as well. I’m always too curious on the “whys”!! If I’m not mistaken, you were diagnosed with Printz Metal angina from your heart cath? Were you symptomatic at that time or did they induce an attack?
  15. I’m just curious - why would a physician order a nuclear stress test versus something like an angiogram? They both visualize the heart and/or it’s vessels but what’s the difference diagnostically? Does it just have to do with blood flow vs visualizing the arteries?
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