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  1. jklass44

    HPV Vaccine

    There are over 100 different strains of HPV...... Some of them cause cancer, some cause genital warts, some cause plantar warts, etc etc etc. They are not ALL transmitted through sex, is what I’m trying to say. You are right, there are definitely risks with getting a vaccine, but there are also risks if you don’t get a vaccine - risks to yourself and the public. Every single person will make their own decision, but I would hope they take all of that into account first.
  2. jklass44

    HPV Vaccine

    The article states that millions of people and a very high percentage of people contract this virus. That generally means it is easy to get. Yes it’s mainly a sexually transmitted disease, but children can get it through skin to skin contact with someone who has hand warts and (more uncommonly) through fomites. I’m just saying its something to be aware of in both children and adults because it is so common. We can’t protect ourselves from everything, but vaccines can help.
  3. jklass44

    HPV Vaccine

    This article is just reiterating what I said. Am I missing something?
  4. jklass44

    HPV Vaccine

    HPV is actually very easy to get too, unfortunately. Up to 80% of people will be infected by this virus at one point in their life according to my research. I agree, males can transmit it just as easily as females. And I know there’s a hundred things out there that can supposedly give you cancer, so vaccinating against this one will at least knock HPV off that list...
  5. jklass44

    HPV Vaccine

    @StayAtHomeMom There are many types of HPV so my opinion is it’s better to get vaccinated than to not. That goes for anything! There’s currently a measles outbreak where I live... MEASLES!! In 2019. It’s crazy... I really don’t remember if my parents had me get the HPV vaccines, but I’ve been very prone to palmar and plantar warts my entire life - which is indeed caused by HPV - so my guess is not.
  6. jklass44

    Fainting all the time-please help!!

    POTS can definitely cause fainting while sitting. Do you have a cardiologist or an autonomic specialist?
  7. jklass44

    never felt worse. :(

    It might be beneficial to ask about Ivabradine to control your tachycardia. I also cannot take beta blockers so my cardiologist suggested Ivabradine, and although it took a few months to find a good dose, I feel much more regulated (HR wise anyway) with zero side effects from it! On top of that, I take Clonidine to control my blood pressure. Best wishes.
  8. jklass44

    Head in a Vice

    The fact that your headaches get worse throughout the day makes me think they have an orthostatic component to them. Do you notice that they ease up after laying down and resting? I’ve suffered from headaches and migraines since I was a teen. Never been able to find a cause, (probably just a dysautonomia thing) but I’ve been able to keep them at bay for the most part by loading up on naproxen, laying in a dark room with a cold cloth and staying hydrated. I hope you find some relief soon and that the neurologist can help!
  9. jklass44

    Sensory issues?

    I'm a big movie go-er as well and on occasion I've had these sensory attacks in the cinema... It doesn't happen all the time though. When it does I get really dizzy, almost like motion sickness, my heart rate goes up and I get a wicked headache. The first time it happened I thought I was just really excited about the movie or something (haha) but it's happened a few more times since then so who knows. I usually just take some ibuprofen before I go to a movie now just in case. Does this happen to you if you watch movies/tv at home?
  10. I get very drastic temperature fluctuations too, similar to what your friend describes; freezing cold (lips blue, extremities blue, entire body shivers, cold sweats) and also very hot (face and neck go bright red, feel like my skin is burning, etc) I don’t really have a solution for you, I’m sorry, it’s just always something I’ve dealt with. I keep cold water available at all times and cool cloths (if I can) in case of those “hot flashes” and also have tea, mittens and warm packs available for the “cold flashes”. I don’t have anxiety, but I can see how this symptom would add to it! Hopefully he finds some relief and can see that doctor soon... Until then let him know he’s not alone!! Best wishes.
  11. jklass44

    Need a Good Vent (or cry)

    @MeganMN From my own experience, I had to self advocate a LOT. You have to willing to be open and honest with your doctors - if something isn’t working (or if something is working!) they need to know about. A symptom of taking beta blockers unfortunately is lightheadedness and dizziness which can sometimes take some getting used to until your body is accustomed to it. However, if it’s impairing your daily function this much I would again say to contact the doc that prescribed it. If he/she is not taking your concerns seriously... BYE! On to the next! Not every doctor will fit the needs of every single person, so it’s important that you find one that will work with you and LISTEN to you!! Like you said, you know your body best - I said that exact thing to many doctors throughout the years so you’re not alone!!
  12. jklass44

    Need a Good Vent (or cry)

    I agree with @Pistol - finding a kind and attentive PCP can make all the difference! I went through a few until I found the one that I knew had my back. He’s been amazing at helping advocate for me and he never complained when I found myself in his office multiple times per week. This illness sucks, and unfortunately there are some things we just haven’t to learn to live with... But it helps having a great PCP to work through that list with you! Keep looking and best wishes
  13. jklass44

    HIGH CHLORIDE ???!!!

    My chloride levels are also always slightly high. I don’t salt load, so for me it’s most likely due to dehydration - No matter how much water I drink it never seems to be enough! Is your blood sodium also high? I agree with the others and make sure your kidneys are functioning properly!
  14. jklass44

    Dip in BP in early morning.

    It's normal for your BP to drop low at those hours - your body doesn't (or isn't supposed to) release epinephrine and norepinephrine in the middle of the night. It has to do with your circadian rhythm aka your sleep/wake cycle. A reading of 100/77 at 3am sounds perfectly normal to me. I have hyperPOTS, and while I generally have hypertension, I've also experience drops in BP as low as 80 systolic. Now if you are having other symptoms along with a wide range of BP readings, then I would suggest asking your doctor to take a look at your meds again as he/she may want to make some adjustments to better control the swings. Best wishes!
  15. jklass44

    Low-grade fever & POTS

    Unfortunately I am on the opposite end of the spectrum - My normal temp sits around 36C but I’ve had temperatures as low as 33.5C before. Have you and your doctor been able to rule anything out? Chronic infections or inflammation?