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  1. I take gummy ones I found at walmart. Definitely easy on the stomach!
  2. Anybody with IRBBB take beta blockers? I've been told different things by different cardios on whether or not someone with IRBBB can take beta blockers.
  3. Anybody on this, or have tried it? Experiences? Why you like or dislike? What you switched to (and liked) if you didn't like it? Thanks in advance!
  4. Wow! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Anybody mention it to their doc?
  5. Anybody else get a bright red burning hot ear (one side at a time)?
  6. Does anybody get left arm pain? Of course I keep reading it can be related to the heart so my anxiety is starting to rear it's ugly head. I have had it on and off for a little of a year. It started when I was pregnant with my last daughter. The first time I had chest pain along with it. That first time and many times since I have had many ER and doctor visits. Aside from an occasional abnormal EKG that the doctors seem to think is no big deal, nothing has come up. Even if I were assured it wasn't my heart, it still really hurts and of course I'd like to know what is going on. Idk how to describe it. Deep ache maybe? Idk. It is upper inner arm. Seems beneath the bicep before the tricep but I'm not entirely sure. Any experience, advice, or anything else you have to offer would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Whoops sorry didnt see that this is three years old!
  8. Leakage like regurgitation from one or more valves? Maybe it is your esophagus. Heart and stomach stuff get mixed up all the time. Idk that you'd feel leaking from valve regurgitation. Get a second opinion.
  9. So sometimes I put it on and it will read 50 something for hr and then a few seconds later its 80s or 90s. So my question is how accurate is this? Does it maybe take a little while to register your true heartrate or is my heartrate just erratic?
  10. I feel like I get more heart palpitations just before and upon starting my period? Anybody relate, and perhaps know why?
  11. Anyone get palpitations after eating? Sugar? Full stomach? Idk just trying to make connections- wanted to see if anyone else could relate.
  12. Does anybody use either of these types of magnesium? What brand? Do you like them? What did they do for you? Thanks in advance!
  13. I cried during my NCS/EMG this week. Lol I was not thrilled with the shockey thing. Not thrilled with the needles either. Actually the needles on the right side were bearable; I think because that is wear the neuro was sitting. Reaching over to do the left must have been a bad angle. Anyway, did you get your results?
  14. Yes!!! Sorry I don't have alot to elaborate on other than it negatively affects my marriage, and my other family relationships.
  15. I get everything you are describing when my magnesium is low. I take magnesium glycinate throughout the day and it eliminates or greatly reduces all those issues. I did not have the same success with mag oxide or citrate. Maybe worth looking into for you.
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