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  1. I have a genetic kidney defect condition called gitelman syndrome. It causes me to have renal magnesium wasting. Most people with it also lose potassium. I would recommend a 24 hr urine checking your electrolytes to see if your kidneys are excreting an abnormal amount.
  2. What's the highest your heartrate has gotten? What happened? What did you do? What did your doc say? Thanks in advance.
  3. Nope. Lol That's the health care system for ya.
  4. Wow that's intense! It's great that you were able to catch it and it must have been scary in midst of all that for so long. You're a trooper! So how is it treated and is it under control now? What causes it?
  5. Have you tried splitting it up throughout the day? Which doc wanted you to take it and why?
  6. Do they know why? Have you done a 24hr urine checking mag?
  7. I think I will try the glycinate. Do you know if it does the same? Like if I took 400 mg of citrate is it safe to assume I'd take 400 of glycinate?
  8. What were your symptoms. How did you know something was wrong?
  9. Thank you so much for replying! I had a doctor hear an irregularity with the stethoscope recently so cardio ordered 4 week monitor. I'm hoping it picks up what the doc heard. My ekgs have started showing irbbb the past few months too. Do you think a 4 week monitor is long enough? I had a 24 hr one last time. It was a good 24 hr right after iv mag so I'm not surprised it was okay. Thanks again for responding!
  10. I haven't been getting a ton of responses on my previous posts, but I'm hoping someone can relate to this, or might even have some comforting insight (because it is really unsettling). When I go from lying to sitting, or sitting to standing I get this weird feeling in my chest (maybe pressure?? Idk), and I'll feel my pulse and it's hard and slow. It eventually progresses into my ever so familiar tachycardia, but when I get that feeling in my chest and it's hard and slow like that it is uncomfortable and scary. It's like my heart can keep up. Once I'm walking around it goes away. Thoughts? Experiences? Anything would be appreciated.
  11. What's your diagnosis? Does your doc know why your mag is low? How are your other electrolytes?
  12. Yes! I saw a audiologist and I have significant hearing loss that is abnormal for my age so I had to have a brain MRI. They didnt find anything related to the hearing but they did fine a pituitary gland growth. I'm having a more detailed MRI today to get a better look at the growth. Do you have a kidney issue? I have renal magnesium wasting and the audiologist said the kidneys are directly related to the ears.
  13. No meds for it. My pop is trying to get me in your see a different cardiologist.
  14. I normally feel mine in upper middle chest. Last night I feeling them pretty low in the sternum and that's never happened so it kinda spooked me a little. I remember people mentioning difference between Pvcs and pacs is upper and lower. So where do you guys feel yours and do you know what they are exactly?
  15. Thank you. They discharged me since all my tests came back okay. I do have a recent history of incomplete right bundle branch block on my ekgs. The doc felt like nothing was emergent, but that I need to follow up this week. I told him I need him to note the "irregularity" he heard so I have that to show my doc(s). Hopefully they take it seriously. Who knows! Lol
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