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  1. The machine sometimes picks it up. The machine didn't pick it up today, but doc did.
  2. I followed up with my new cardiologist whom I've only see once before since my new EKG abnormality. He said the echo and 24 hr holter were "fine". He gave no details and I asked about my newly acquired EKG abnormality and he said he could barely read it on the EKG and it's not a big deal and to follow up in a year. The EKG abnormality is a incomplete right bundle branch block, by the way. And as far as I can tell it seems to come and go, or not get picked up. I guess I'm just having a hard time accepting it. I left the appt thinking to myself "no, I don't want it. No thanks. I do not accept" lol I'm like a kid who doesnt want to eat their veggies. IDK. Any advice, or experience to share? Anyone else go that long in between cardio visits? Anyone else with abnormal ekgs?
  3. Do you guys think pots can drain/use up your magnesium? Anybody have any problems/experience/thoughts on the matter?
  4. I have undiagnosed neck issues. I'm having an unrelated (ENT) brain MRI tomorrow. I want one of my spine, but I don't see neuro for first time till may.
  5. Have your levels ever been off in lab work?
  6. Does anybody get muscle spasms in their arms? Not twitches, but hard painful tense spasms/contractions.
  7. I finally managed to get a neuro referral! A new rheumatologist I saw referred me due to some numbness that I get. I am hoping to get alot out of this appt. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who clam up in the doctors office and let them walk all over me. I really want that to change. I need answers out of this appt. Any advice? Tests I should ask for and how to go about asking? I get really bad random muscle spasms, cognitive stuff really off, numbness, etc... I'm hoping for a MRI of brain and spine, and maybe some nerve testing. I guess I need help in standing my ground and getting something useful at this appt. Sorry for blabbering! Thanks in advance.
  8. I was summoned for jury duty recently too! I requested to be excused, because I care for my special needs son full time and breast feed both my daughters. I don't feel like I get enough support from any of my docs to be able to be excused for medical reasons. So I can't offer any advice, but good luck! Oh and I too used to want to be picked. Lol
  9. I had a very similar experience with the last cardiologist I saw. So discouraging and disappointing.
  10. I feel the same way! What's your new regimen?
  11. So the way I did it is note the time on the jug after your first urine (that you don't collect). And pee anytime you have to up to that time tomorrow (including the next morning's urine). So to answer your question, yes. Lol Hopefully that makes sense. My brain fog and I are one in the same.
  12. Of course. Lol I didn't find anything pleasant so I figured I'd see if there were any personal experiences. I find that Google likes to scare you and forums give more perspective. Lol
  13. No I haven't. I'm gonna give it a try!
  14. Yes! Kind of hyperaware. It feels awful.
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