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  1. Hey guys. I plan on using Ritalin tomorrow, I was hoping to get some insight from people who have used it in the past and been successful. Did it help with anyone with tachycardia? Based on its mechanism of action I would think it would worsen tachycardia and lightheadedness but maybe I'm wrong. I seen published articles were it was documented to be helpful in some patients. Thanks
  2. Hi....I was diagnosed with POTS most likely post-viral. I also have orthostatic hypertension. I'm only hypertensive when I standing (135/90). I was prescribed bystolic 2.5mg and given the option to take Coreg 3.25mg (because bystolic is expensive), outside of the financial difference. Does anyone have any input on which one I should try first? which one is more commonly successful in people with POTS? Coreg blocks alpha-1 receptors which seems to me to be counterproductive because it would exacerbate venous pooling? Thanks Guys
  3. @Pistol Thanks. In the past Ive had a little tachycardia with stimulates at higher doses but I think the carvelidol will help keep it under control. Do you take the carvelidol before the stimulate or vice versa
  4. Hi guys I actually just got diagnosed with POTS last year. My doctor gave me methlyphendiate 5mg. From your experiences does methlyphendiate make your tachycardia or lightheadedness worse? Also do you take a beta-blocker along with the stimulate? Thanks
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