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  1. I took it in sept 2015 and I took it for 1 month. I do not have anxiety but I have anxiety like symptoms and my symptoms would change sometimes. The biggest problem was chest tightness and chest pain. A kind of heart-attack like feeling. It is difficult to describe but it felt like ****. Also, every morning I would wake up and in 30 min, my left side, just below the breast bone, there would be some pain. Other symptoms were random lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea (every morning), the occasional PVC (4 PVC/min), muscle twitching. Then there was a period of neck tightness. I really wanted to quit my job and forget everything since I could not handle the discomfort. Did I mention the pounding heart I had at times. CLONZAPAM: this was a wonder drug. It helped quite a bit to my surprise. Then they put me on Venlafaxen. I took it for 1 year. Now I am MUCH MUCH better. Except the PVCs happen all the time now, day or night. I get 10 to 12 PVC/min. At least now I can go for walks, I can run, go to the bathroom....without my heart pounding.
  2. I don't know that one (ParkerHill). I am in Quebec. There are some dentists that might prefer kids and some don't. The dentist I go to deals with kids also and has a lot of photos and drawings from kids on 2 walls.
  3. Thanks Katybug. I went for the 2nd blood test. They tested for 3 things this time : biliburin, alanine transaminase (ALT) and GGT. GGT is new. The doctor says that I have mild case of Gilbert Syndrome. The left upper abdominal pain has basically disappeared. I just feel a kind of pressure or like there is something there at times. Unfortunately, I am getting PVCs again (premature ventricular contractions).
  4. Klonopin (clonazepam 0.5 mg) is a very effective drug. On my first and second day, I felt dizzy but then it is fine. I took it for about a month and then they put me on venlaflaxine which doesn't do the same job. This too made me dizzy and felt weird in my brain for a weak. It is hard to describe, but it felt like thingling in my brain, but 50 cm above my head. There is methocarbamol 400 mg, which they sell with acetylsalicyclic acid (aspirin) or paracetamol (Tylenol). It is a muscle relaxer and it is cheap. Don't need a prescription.
  5. Hello. I am back gain. It seems that I have external hemorrhoids. It doesn't hurt but it isn't pleasant. It is itchy at times. The blood test came back. A couple things are out of range this time while the last blood test from 3 months ago was normal. They also did a echography of my abdomen. Liver is normal texture. Gallbladder has normal contours. No lithiase or dilation of gallbladder. Pancreas, kidneys, aorta, are normal. What is the name of that other organ near stomach that stores blood, that too is normal (called rate in french). As for the blood: Total biliburin = 19 umol/L (normal is 3 to 17) Direct biliburin = 4 umol/L (normal is 0 to 3) alanine transaminase (ALT) = 68 U/L (normal is 13 to 50) Going to go for another blood test to test those values again.
  6. so within minutes of the episode I had my BP, HR, sugar, Pulse Ox and EKG checked. All came up fine besides being "tachy".=============== I think they have a method to measure blood pressure per vein or visualize the blood flow. I don't know what the name of the technique is. Measuring the blood pressure at the arm misses the pressure in your head and various local parts.
  7. shataway, "I also have GI issues related to it," What GI issues do you have?
  8. I'm not sure if I have POTS. Yes, stress does affect me but worst of all, a tiny bit of stress can't sometimes trigger symptoms. I might feel crappy, sometimes hands feel cold and weird, chest tightness (the area of the chest tightness differs but it is always on the left side), sometimes I feel tightness under my arm (again on left side) I do technical support for employees on the phone for a company. The thing that bothers most is that you don't know what kind of call you are going to get. I have tried Vick's on chest, cold water helps a little. I am taking venlafaxine 75 mg but I don't think it is helping. Clonazepam helped but they only prescribed once and then switched to venlafaxine. I've seen the same message on other boards as well, from people who have IST. A bunch of people say stress makes it worst.
  9. Yes, there was a period where going to the bathroom, going downstairs, changing clothes was a very difficult. My heart would be pounding. I think my blood pressure was always fine. When I checked it at the store or it was checked at the doctors, it was 123/80. Symptoms improved over the years with short periods (2 months or 1 month) where my chest was in quiet mode and re-remembered what normal felt like. I have read that dysautonomia symptoms come and go. Sometimes, the set of symptoms change.
  10. Quite a lot of us with dysautonomia and also other types of issues like anxiety (a bunch of people here have anxiety. I myself had anxiety like symptoms without really feeling anxious) have chest pain. Some of it feels like it comes from the heart, or just below, sometimes above, sometimes under the arm, .....etc and even in the back. I suspect that dysautonomia can trigger anxiety like symptoms. You may have to accept the fact that you are going to have various nasty symptoms. I remember one guy or girl on a forum wrote that she had been to the ER 13 times. They had gotten used to seeing him/her. We even have a thread here about this. I asked what solution people have found. Nobody has one. Try going for a 30 min walk when it happens.
  11. Why didn't they put on on beta-blockers. The first line of treatment is beta-blockers, most likely propanolol, metoprolol, atenolol. They can start you off on a "baby" dose, because ultimately, you have to feel comfortable. I was feeling very uncomfortable when my symptoms started back in 2012, and my heart rate hovered at 95 while sitting and doing nothing. In 2013, 2014, 2015, there were periods of 1 or 2 months when I was ok, so it fooled me into thinking the nightmare was over.
  12. Thanks guys for the support. I will keep you posted.
  13. I went yesterday. I will have to go for a blood test and a echogradiogram. Then later on a colonoscopy. So, it is going to turn into multiple visits. I have some kind of a bump near my hole. It is possible that this is the part that is bleeding or perhaps the area near my stomach/intestine is bleeding. That's ok Faye. I am not disgusted by anything. I don't have hard stool. I was losing weight for a while that I had not noticed. The stool was light brown and very broken up in aug 2015. I lost 11 kg (24 pound. I was 87 kg = 191 pound. I became 76 kg = 167 pounds). I noticed my pants were too big around the waste while it used to be tighter. In the past 4 months, I slowly began to put on weight. 4 kg = 8.8 pounds. I am 80 kg = 176 pounds. Oh yes, the stool is soft, it is more brown, but not totally dark like it used to be when I was normal. It is thin perhaps because that bump near my hole. Oh boy! This *****. It is just problems on top of problems.
  14. Hi Katybug, Diverticulitis? That is terrible. What did they do? I hope it can be treated with drugs and rest rather than an operation. I am going to do to a GP today. I have had left upper abdominal pain for a few months now. A little stress and it would result in insane pain. Clonazepam helped. Then switched to venlafaxine 75 mg but the tiny pain was present at times. The bleeding thing started last week, around dec 22.
  15. What exactly is Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Does it cause bleeding? How do you deal with it? I'm not saying that I have it. I am wondering what is up with me.
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