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  1. I had never gotten a flu shot before my POTS. I have for the last several years with no issues. Sore arm for a couple of days but that's all.
  2. @Weary I do remember my endo saying it was a combination of blood work results that to,d him I wasn't producing aldosterone. It probably included the renin. They didn't specifically diagnose me with hypoaldosteronism though. I have read that low aldosterone isn't that uncommon in people with POTS.
  3. Several years ago I had the blood volume test completed. Thankfully I was only slightly below normal so I wasn't treated. It was a nuclear medicine test where you lie still for a long time. Basically they insert the isotop (I think that is what the "nuclear stuff" was called) and then take vials of blood out at scheduled intervals over time (may have been an hour). I seem to remember the name Daxor and that the testing machine isn't readily available at all hospitals. I have had an issue with aldosterone also. They determined my issue through blood work. Flourdicortisone helped my
  4. Hello Alystew. My symptoms wax and wane and I am fortunate enough to live a mostly "normal" life. Some people are able to determine ways to manage their symptoms and they find relief. Just know that it isn't always a progressive disorder where things get worse instead of better. Some teens have been known to "outgrow" it. I know it isn't easy but try to be positive about things getting better instead of worse. When I was first diagnosed I wore a Fitbit. It actually gave me helpful information to determine what activities set my symptoms off. For example, I found that showering in
  5. I had a loop recorder implanted about 5 months ago. I agree with Pistol, so far it has been very easy and benefical. I had a 24 hour and 30 day monitor where of course nothing occurred while I was wearing them. After an episode of most likely SVTs and other craziness we decided to go with the implant. Thankfully I haven't had another SVT episode since the implant but it has been a great learning tool for me and my doctor. Mostly palpitations, PVCS and PACS. Good luck.
  6. I'm not sure if the aldosterone helps with thirst or not. The IV iron infusions were due to very low ferritin numbers. Normalizing my iron helped a lot with the fatigue and shortness of breath. An endocronogist can do blood work that will check both of these numbers for you. If you haven't seen one it could be worth a visit. Be well!
  7. @yogini Absolutely same for me. I do normally take my BP standing since this is when I'm feeling looping and check to see if that's the problem. Since I've noticed the beating in my ears at night, I've been doing some tracking lately in different positions for an upcoming EP appointment. My recent "highs" have been in the 160/high 90s standing when they hit the 180s/110 range laying I stop checking - it freaks me out! Lol. I am starting to see the over 30 increase in hr again from sitting to standing which the Florinef had under control so I do agree that the Florinef is working differentl
  8. @Pistol Good point about the stomach problem maybe causing the high BP. I always think of it as the BP causing the stomach pain since I feel the high BP first. I had my gallbladder out about 20 years ago, but possible ulcer which is why we scheduled the scope. The pain is right in the middle between my navel and rib cage. Pretty sure it's something with the stomach. I don't believe that I ever had a BP over 120/80 until last January when it suddenly went to 190/100. Now it seems to come and go. It needs to just go! Lol. Hope all is well with you! @yogini I've thought about the fact
  9. How true. Been a little cranky all day about that thought - I just got how to live with the low BP under control. Dang it!
  10. Hi MomtoGiuliana.. Thanks for replying. I've had Gerd forever and take a Prilosec daily. I've never had the pain before though. I'm not presently taking D either. Thankfully I am scheduled for a routine endoscopy on Tuesday. The pain just seems directly linked to the times that my blood pressure suddenly increases. The increase in BP is pretty new to me so maybe it is just becoming my new norm. 😕 Maybe I am in a flare. I really don't know since it seems that my symptoms and vitals are changing and what I use to consider a flare isn't what is happening now. When you mentioned
  11. My blood work showed that I had minimal to no aldosterone in me before I started Florinef. As this replaces the aldosterone, it helped me immensely. Aldosterone is key to fluid retention. "Aldosterone is a steroid hormone. Its main role is to regulate salt and water in the body, thus having an effect on blood pressure." Maybe your levels were too low also so this is why you are seeing an improvement with this med. From what I've read low aldosterone is not uncommon in POTS patients. I also had the test done for hypovolemia and I was only 1 point under the normal range so it wasn't a
  12. Hoping someone here has some insight - none of the doctors do. I have had low blood pressure for years (normal for me now is 90-100/70-80 on florinef .05mg daily). About 6 months ago I had an episode of high blood pressure (190/100) one night. It went down on it's own after a few hours. Since then I seem to occasionally get episodes of high blood pressure at night (170-180/90-100). While I have put them off as some unknown adrenaline surge and have been just working through them until it lowers on its own, I have now started getting some pretty severe stomach pain while these high blo
  13. So sorry you have been dealing with all of this. I have no answers or input but I hope everything settles down for you and you begin to feel better! Be well.
  14. I agree with @yogini - enjoy everyday now and use them to strengthen. I would say very slowly though so you don't set anything off in your system (especially since your not sure why there's improvement). Just getting moving more now is strengthening. Keep adding things, exercise or chores. I remember those forgotten muscles you are speaking of! Lol When I started to get back into my "normal" routines as I gradually felt better, each night I would appreciate the aches of my muscles. It's a whole different feeling of pain when it's a healthy muscle usage pain. When the muscle aches start
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