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  1. https://www.prohealth.com/library/human-heart-cosmic-heart-me-cfs-fm-heart-a-review-42299 strophanthus, it looks like there have been some real successes with it, I wonder if it increases HR? I have some assumed microvessel and vasospasms, Im really tempted to try this, but as always you know it would probably put me on edge to some degree and who knows what my reaction would be but still, an interesting read none the less!
  2. Do you restrict your diet at all? I find the less I eat usually I feel better.
  3. I suffer with anxiety, but I definitely feel worse than ive ever done lately put on a bit of weight etc, and everytime lately, I eat a meal, I get all sorts of chest pain, out of breath, ectopics you name it, really scary lately, thank you for support in the other thread, I just feel like im going to die or something lately, its scaring the crap outta me. I have been eating drinking, doing things I shouldnt upto now, im really trying to refrain from any bad foods, I dont know what I was thinking. I took my old job back had to beg, but the pressure is getting alot for me, I feel like I need to sort myself out, first. I went to A and E today, and I had an inverted T Wave which they said they werent concerned about, I dont think theyd be concerned unless you drop dead...
  4. I have was diagnosed IST, from pssible relating to dysautonomia, i went vegan for a while and tbh really got alot better, eating very good food. Then lately ive put alot of weight on, started to drink alot be unhealthy, takeouts, and I just struggle with the debiliation of this condiiton and the, chronicness, im 28, also this is so hard that lack of validation, nobody thinks there is anything wrong with me its really upsetting. Also I dont know If I have something relating to adrenaline, but when i get adrenaline angry I pretty much feel like im gonna die and pass out. can someone chime in. Just struggling mentally.
  5. I have some other health issues and im looking at taking olive leaf extract can anyone who has any experience with it,or reads about it exaplin if its ok to use?
  6. Ive been eating healthier and ive found that my heart rate can really drop lik 30 beats in an instant like this morning went in the shower my heart seemed to drop from 130 to 100, like, it seemed to pause on my pulse watch i assume this is to do with the orthostatic intolerance?
  7. the second doctor did not retest me just went on what they said.
  8. My case is really complicated. I went and had tests done stress etc. And at the time, dont remember feeling any big ectopics til after then had event monitor and tried to catch some, and did, was told not to worry, but sometimes, the pause seems really long, and Im not sure I caught one of those, on the event monitor anyway, barring that was told I was ok, so I cant see how that would change it, Ive never passed out with them so I was sort of told as long as my heart is healthy which they deemed it was wrong not to worry, cant see them changing that even if im getting couplets or nsvt. Had echo/stress/ they did find some odd things on one echo test like slight hypnoxia, and slight leakage, not sure they found it on the second, LVH too on ecg, but ultimately they said it was negative and I got the "all clear" in their eyes. I then went to private cardio who pretty much echo'd what they had said, but had stated that, I possibly have IST, and Autodysfunction, and prescribed beta blockers. I tried to email him about vasospasm and heard nothing back he claimed all my chest pain was nothing to worry about but I also know most even good cardiologists arent up to date with coronary dysfunction which is not unreasonable to think given symptoms and also having possible autodysfunction (which I know to be a certainty) He wouldnt give me a pots diagnosis because I dont black out. So I thought well Im not going to take the beta black its contraindicated for prinzmetals and Ill get my heart rate down with diet, I mean to me its just not worth the risk with tampering with it anymore. Im actually not sure where my heart stands but they told me I have nothing to worry about. Even if it was prinzmetals Ive honestly gotten to the point where I do not trust medication, and rather than take a calcium channel blocker Id prefer to go this route also given the fact that the doc hasnt replied, I need to get reffered so I need him to write a letter to gp as she has stubbornly refused just because the doctor has claimed, that my chest pain is not cardiac in nature, but also told me to ASK for a referral, sigh. So Im waiting a month to see and then perhaps go back and bring up this concern, but I can say I have turned vegan and im seeing an improvement in pain, symptoms and heart rate.
  9. yes! that is what i felt was probably happening. I do feel I have possible undiagnosed vasospasms, as I tend to have at rest angina, I gave away the tea, but this might not be a bad thing to use? maybe once a day,I mean it is tolerable I guess I just worried that given that i get ectopics etc, it could knock my heart into a dodgy rhythm?
  10. yeh same thing no id only drank that, and that was it Id eat, I think some dates, and some soy cocoa milk but I had more of them later on and tehy didnt do that my hr is back to normal, I gave my redbush box away anyway, might have been doing me some good, but dunno didnt like the feeling and the high heart rate. Our bodies react differently i guess?
  11. i just had a cup its caffiene free, yet it seems to have sent my heart rate high and fluctuating quite a bit, little bit worrying, when going online, there seems to be no known side effects, and its supposed to help cardio health and yet, its made my heart rate higher, I dont feel ill but my heart is quite high its upto 140 max, and hovering at 120 stood up, thats high for me. This cant be good? What it seems to hve done is stabilize my heart rate alot more, but its in the higher range, so for instance my heart is consistently highish, laid down its 100 right now. But it fluctuates too much for my liking normally this seems to make it sit? Anyway has anyone else tried this tea and had bad side effects?
  12. Hey so, I have auto dysfunction, Im pretty sure its affecting nearly every part of my body, a while back I went to docs, and he done some blood's said my kidneys were functioning hard at the time but nothing major, recently I've been going vegan, and juicing, well today i had a big plate of veg, two hours later I had a big juice with alot of veg on both high in potassium, and while I was drinking the second, I felt really lightheaded, and my arms felt abit numb had the feeling before usually equate to low blood volume - I felt full, and had some very brief diareah, although I thought it could have been, low blood volume I had some water and some salted crisps and it seems to have dissipated, got a little tingle in one of my hands which I think could have just been co-incidence as thats what, they say is another symptom but i get allsort of nerve/fribro kind of pain anyway and was tuning in to my finger abit anyway, no heart rate, weirdness which is a sign, but abit nauseous and abit diareah with the sort of feeling of low blood volume/maybe low blood pressure. I think my dysfunction is sporadic in how it affects organs, so I think its hard to find it, after the fact may be on blood tests, erm, but water seemed to help anyway so maybe it wasnt too much potassium, and ive had a few bloods done in A&E and a hospital stay, that as far as i know, have been ok? i assume they test electrolytes/kidney stuff, even though at the time i wasnt eating vegan or anything, was eating meat, which isnt sposed to be good for kidney absorbtion anyway. Was wondering is this something i should worry about or was it possibly just low blood volume from the nutrients, in the shake, I mean, celery is said to make your blood pressure lower, I hadnt had much water, today, but Im not usually one that has to drink water to feel ok, anyway, like compared to some dyso's here. So anyway not sure? Be abit bummed out if I couldnt have the diet i wanted and have to consider kidney function even though theres no diagnosis from a few blood tests, like they are all within normal range, from what i have been told. Im not saying its like a overdose that is like woah im going to die, but could it be a mild overdose of some sort? I nearly drank more, good job I didnt? So? I dont know will probs book a doctors appointment to discuss this. id be bummed out if this is another thing, i have to worry about.
  13. Well Im stuck between a rock and a hard place really, and I could cry I think that the reason that, he didnt diagnose me with POTS was because of what I said the nurse had said about blackouts he seemed to go along with that. Which is weird. Then he, said its difficult to give you a full POTS diagnosis because you are not passing out then done an active stand test I guess but did not allow me to sit for like 3 minutes was more like a minute. Anyway. Im in a rock and a hard place, because he wants to prescribe betablockers, Now, I didnt want to self diagnose so I never brought up this issue of prinzmetal angina, but I now think I bloody should have, anyway I have read betablockers are contraindicated for prinzmetals and I feel this is the bigger issues than the IST :/ Now I have emailed him explaining my concerns and we will see what he says. I guess.
  14. So, I just paid for a private session, where the doc said, he couldnt exactly say, that what I had was POTS because Im not blacking out, but that I do have IST, and autonomic dysfunction its very reasonable and feasable to think this were his exact words. Im kinda worried about vasospasms didnt say anything about it though, forgot to, but hes prescribing a low dose beta blocker does anyone know Id read here and it said that beta blockers could worsen them to cause heart attacks. How is the prognosis with IST.
  15. So i decided to go private, no matter what it takes, im really kind of annoyed at what ive read at the reports. Something im kind of worried about though theyve wrote Abnormal ecg unsure of significance. Normal RV size and function echo - SMALL AREA OF ISOLATED BASAL SEPTAL/BASAL INFERIOR WALL HYPOKINESIS ECG SHOWED WIDESPREAD T WAVE INVERSION AND LVH PATTERN. what does this mean?
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