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  1. https://www.prohealth.com/library/human-heart-cosmic-heart-me-cfs-fm-heart-a-review-42299 strophanthus, it looks like there have been some real successes with it, I wonder if it increases HR? I have some assumed microvessel and vasospasms, Im really tempted to try this, but as always you know it would probably put me on edge to some degree and who knows what my reaction would be but still, an interesting read none the less!
  2. Do you restrict your diet at all? I find the less I eat usually I feel better.
  3. I suffer with anxiety, but I definitely feel worse than ive ever done lately put on a bit of weight etc, and everytime lately, I eat a meal, I get all sorts of chest pain, out of breath, ectopics you name it, really scary lately, thank you for support in the other thread, I just feel like im going to die or something lately, its scaring the crap outta me. I have been eating drinking, doing things I shouldnt upto now, im really trying to refrain from any bad foods, I dont know what I was thinking. I took my old job back had to beg, but the pressure is getting alot for me, I feel like I need to
  4. I have was diagnosed IST, from pssible relating to dysautonomia, i went vegan for a while and tbh really got alot better, eating very good food. Then lately ive put alot of weight on, started to drink alot be unhealthy, takeouts, and I just struggle with the debiliation of this condiiton and the, chronicness, im 28, also this is so hard that lack of validation, nobody thinks there is anything wrong with me its really upsetting. Also I dont know If I have something relating to adrenaline, but when i get adrenaline angry I pretty much feel like im gonna die and pass out. can someone c
  5. Yeh going to try corina, but still can't help but worry, and this pain is really uncomfortable I have to admit.
  6. so went to doctor yesterday and she said you wouldnt feel leakage on your chest, so its not that and that my pulse and bp were normal (sat down of course). didnt listen to my heart said to come back if it persists. so i dont know what to think really.
  7. Thanks for the response katie, I think I dont handle things very well, prior to all this I did suffer panic attacks. I've had this pain about 4 days now, and now intermittently Im getting this very sharp twinge, near my heart, or on my heart I also get a sort of ache pain in my back. As well as a knotty feeling there aswell. My family who I wanted to take me to accident and emergency today, all insist I am fine and not going to die, based on the work up I had 6 months ago. So I've held out another day, I haven't blacked out but it is a general feeling of constant discomfort also with the wetne
  8. thanks, I dont get it anywhere but right near my heart though and it comes with accompanying pain, I have never felt so scared and depressed in all my life its just like there is no help for me and Im waiting to die, Im so sick of trying to convince doctors. :'(
  9. I need a new gp this one is terrible, im worried its pulmonary edema, or embolism, and I fear with my work up in september no ones going to take it seriously I mean my pulse is normal id guess an ecg, wouldnt show much now anyway I do feel it in my back aswell and I havent actually done anything for it to ache and the wet feeling isnt really explained, although Ive had the wet feeling for a while on and off, and I had it when I was in hospital an echo would have shown fluid right? and fluid doesnt wax and wane, I just dont know what this could be, I will go back to the doctor but I dont think
  10. I have to say this is really worrying me im now getting a sharp twinge pain to go along with it very bad pain and i can feel it dripping and wet.
  11. hey thanks for reply kb, the impression i got was its nothing to be worried about everyone has some was what she said, they didnt put it in the report, can this progress or perhaps been caught at a time it isnt as bad im wondering? im not sure i can talk to the cardio still as they have dismissed me now?
  12. I had an event monitor it showed ectopic beats, what Im kind of worried about is wether this is to do with the valve leakage, I had an echo done and they said I had slight leakage, this is just really weird wet feeling and its always near the heart, it also burns sometimes. :/ Im not actually under a cardiologist now they pretty much discharged me because everything was normal this was a few months ago now though and Im wondering if it is progressing, obviously a lot of pots symptoms overlap with leaky valve, and I cant get them to recognize that I have pots either :/ They pretty much dischar
  13. it is really difficult to get that here, they have pretty much dismissed me now as fine, i did have an echo and was informally told i had slight leakage, but as i say what is this burning wet feeling always on the left side of chest? what could it be related to but that?
  14. I think I may have posted this before but I had an echo and they said that I had some slight leakage but that everybody has leakage, but I find I get on the left side of chest a wet dripping feeling alot, and Im wondering if thats related, if so how reliable is the echo that the leakage isnt bad, or is it just based on that time, mind you, they also dont think I have pots and think 200bpm on a stress test is fine, I find I get all sorts of discomfort in my left side of chest in the heart area, but this wet feeling/cold is really weird.
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