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  1. That would be a cause and effect. A flare is when you do your normal everday routine and for some reason it flares up for days/months etc
  2. Its cold here in quebec. Last week i had a temperature of 5 degrees celcius in the morning. I imagine you have AC at your home?
  3. So frustrating. At least its not the 18th century anymore, so we have meds. I hope you get better.
  4. Did anyone have those before having POTS? I had an easy startle response all my life to be honest
  5. Im sorry you're having a hard time pistol . I hope you get well soon! Winter is coming!!!
  6. But if your readings are normal after a few weeks, then it's not diabetes and they should move on to something else. How long have you been testing yourself?
  7. This makes my blood boil. Without going into politics, why is healthcare not an important part of elections? Surely if its so trash and let Americans die due to lack of cares, its an emergency needing funds asap to correct the situation???? Is no one up in arms doing protests over this?
  8. It depends on the province, but generally speaking, everyone has access to free healthcare across canada. Quebec is vastly superior in what they cover due to additional policies on top of what canada suggest/covers. I have private insurance on top of that, so my situation is different. My insurance work like this : They have no right to contest what i am being prescribed by my MD, be it medication or tests. They have categories that are covered by x %. For meds, its usually 100% for any generic and 70% for originals. No question asked, no co pay, and unlimited funds (no maximum ceiling). So even if im on a very expensive med, and even if its not approved for my condition, they will not contest it. My insurance company DO NOT have access to my medical records. For tests, its usually free with our public healthcare. But if i want to have the test done faster, i can pay out of pocket and they reimburse 75% (with my private insurance), no matter what kind of test is required. An MRI, for example, is around 600$ CAN when going private (1 week wait time for scheduling + results). My insurance pays 75%, so i end up paying 150$. Very reasonable. Now, its not all bells and whistles. Wait time in any emergency room on a normal day is 10-20 hours if you're not dying (read : if you dont piss blood you're fine, just wait). Public testing, for example, have enormus waiting times. MRI have wait times of 3 months up to 2 years depending on your region. I pay 40% of my income in taxes, on top of having the highest sale taxes of any province in canada. So its give and take. Nothing is free. I still prefer my system to what you guys have in the states.
  9. Pardon me, but what the ****. Im glad to live in quebec.
  10. What showed on your blood tests that suggested it was kidney failure? Just being curious here
  11. Wait, so in the usa, your insurance isn't accepted everywhere as long as you have a, referral?
  12. Refresh my memory if you don't mind, but they did rule you out for a pheo in your case right?
  13. Hello Bamagirl! Unfortunately yes, many people have flares on these forums. While im undiagnosed, i think im in a flare right now, as my symptoms are worst than they used to be 3 months ago. Hope it gets better for you :)! Keep it up
  14. You got that right. Trash disease explains it very well.
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