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  1. Thanks all for the responses, i appreciate it. My PCP diagnosed me today when i showed her my TTT. I even printed the diagnosis criteria from dysautonomia international etc. I think she was annoyed a little bit with me. I'm still sad that i have to "twist arms" at doctors. They make me feel like im looking for drugs or something, while the only thing i want is to know what i have and feel better, thats all. Anyway, now that i have pots, im not sure where i should start. Guess ill read the stickies. Water, salt and exercise is the basic, right?
  2. Grrr im sorry you're having the same response as i do. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow and intend to defend my point with the results from the TTT and diagnosis criteria that i printed off of websites. I hope she believes me. I hope as well that you find a doctor who believes you. Nothing is worse than feeling like trash and no one listen to you
  3. Hello all. Sorry for not being here a lot lately, I've been busy with life problems. Ill keep this short. Ive been feeling off for 3 years with on and off symptoms. 4 months ago, i was put on medical leave because my symptoms increased and i couldnt drive anymore. Ive known POTS for about 2 years now and really pushed for more testing that way after the cardiologue ruled out heart problems. My problem, is that i had a TTT yesterday and it was negative according to the autonomist specialist. But he gave me 2 bad reasons for not believing him : 1) You dont have POTS because your
  4. What type of magnesium is used in the product? Usually there's a compound with it, right? Like citrate.
  5. @JaneEyre9 I think its a matter of philosophy then. I have severe food/medication allergies and i consider that to already be a criteria to not have children. If you add dysautonomia to the mix, thats a 100% clear no from my end. But again, my opinion and my philosophy. I'm just not sugar coating it.
  6. Without an ssri right now, id pretty much be in a corner of my room fearing I'd die. It helps a lot, in my case.
  7. Maybe this will be an unpopular opinion, but i think that if you're affected by something as bad as dysautonomia, you shouldn't have children. But thats my opinion, and ultimately it is your choice.
  8. I do the same as pistol. I do have left arm pains too. But ive been checked a billion times so no heart attack or anything.
  9. Makes sense. Thanks again for the info, i'll make sure to bring it to my doctor on my next appointment :).
  10. The only thing scaring me away from trying cbd or thc right now is my clonazepalm that i was forced to take daily while waiting for my specialist. I just simply can't function without it atm and my anxiety is at an all time high.
  11. I know its going to be a classic, but have you tried ginger?
  12. To the best of my hypochondria knowledge, i had this since my teens and my father had this for a very long time. Its probably genetic but not something to really worry about in absence of pain, etc.
  13. “am I going to die?” types of feeling describe me 24/7
  14. Except this is normal in many healthy patients with no dysautonomia? My father included and he does just fine. I do the same (for example, if i put my cellphone on my belly it will pulsate with it) but never really thought anything of it...
  15. I do not recommend the cc charge back way if you want to hold a relationship with that doctor.
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