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  1. That's great! It makes it much easier to share with friends and family who are interested in learning more about our condition.
  2. I posted a topic about this today (and saw your reply, so I thought I'd check out your post!). My vision is the same way the past few days..I went to the eye doctor today. He just squeezed me in (I have a full exam scheduled for next week) but he seems to think this is a busted blood vessel and that it will clear up and go away on its own. So I'm guessing it's that, or a migraine. I do get ocular migraines, and I've had distorted vision before, but it never stuck around this long..so I don't know. I'm just hoping it goes away on its own. I never really get headaches either, but there are all d
  3. I live in PA, and we're supposed to get a lot of rain tomorrow. Today my head has felt so bad all day long..I'm extremely dizzy and have so much head pressure. I haven't kept track of the barometric pressure..but whenever we're supposed to be getting rain, I seem to get a lot worse.
  4. My cardiologist said the same thing to me..That I should feel better when I lay down because there is no gravity for my body to be fighting against, basically. That's not the case for me. My main symptom is dizziness..and while it does ease up some when I lay down, it doesn't go completely away. I hope you feel better soon though!
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