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  1. My neurologist said not to wear knee high because they can compress the nerves by your knees but I have small fiber neuropathy. I haven't tried thigh high but I have waist high. It's a workout getting them on and are on the thicker side, I could wear them as leggings but they do help me. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do in the summer. I'm always cold but can't tolerate heat.
  2. I've had the bravo twice. One was in normal range even though I was having symptoms. I'm not sure what my scores were exactly on the others but they were pretty high. That's weird they had you on meds while doing it. I had to stop them 7 days before getting the test. It was the longest 7 days. Lol. Honestly, I haven't noticed a huge difference if I eat something acidic or not. I've eaten pizza and spaghetti with the same results as grilled chicken. I've started combining my H2 blocker with my PPI and it seems to have helped a smidge. Have you tried carafate? It's soothing but doesn'
  3. I get food stuck at the wrap if it's not chewed enough. I have liquid that will sometimes puddle there or it takes a while to go down. If I drink something really cold I can trace with my finger how slow it goes down. I can't have anything water thin or it comes right back up. I honestly did it out of desperation. My pots and gerd started at the same time, while I was pregnant with my third. My gyno kept telling me it's pregnancy heartburn and it would go away. The pots symptoms I was experiencing before pots diagnosis I thought were from lack of vitamins and food. I literally couldn't
  4. I've had it done 3 times within a 2 year span. This was before my pots diagnosis. The recovery was as expected. Tender for a few weeks, lived on liquids for a week (anything I can see through for a 2 days then I could add any liquids), then anything pudding consistency for another week (thinned mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream, overcooked oatmeal), then as tolerated after that. No red meats, anything crunchy, carbonated (couldn't burp) for 2-3 months. My first nissen worked well for about 5 months. It seemed once the swelling subsided, all my symptoms came back. I went back in at the
  5. I have low iron. The first test I had, my levels were nonexistent. I ended up getting an infusion that lasted about 6 months. I get tested every 3 months.
  6. You can get lifts that go under the frame. I got mine from Walmart. I use them when my reflux is really bad but it hurts my back because I slide down the bed.
  7. My pots started when I got pregnant. I felt awful, bedridden, unable to eat or drink, just horrible. It took about 3 1/2 years before I seen any kind of improvement. I'm definitely not back to pre pots but I remember begged my gyno to take my daughter early because I felt so bad.
  8. At least I'm not alone! I thought it was some fluke but I've been testing it the last few nights. I also feel better sitting but if I sit too long I get pooling in my legs. I've noticed that if I sit straight up I get symptoms but not if I'm kind of slouched.
  9. I've noticed that when I lay down I can't lay on my sides. When I do, my bp and hr shoot up and my heart starts pounding. Anyone else? Why is this?
  10. I was diagnosed with SFN also. I have no feeling from mid calf down and pain from hips down. My neurologist suggested compression stockings but not the knee high ones because they compress nerves. She suggested thigh or waist high. They do help with some of the pain and swelling but not the numbness. She didn't say anything about meds for it.
  11. My nausea helped get my diagnosis. It started with heartburn and nausea while I was pregnant. My gyno said it would stop after I delivered. Wrong. I seen a GI for 2 years, had many many tests, tried all the meds, 3 surgeries, no relief. He pretty much gave up and sent me to a GI at Froedtert. My first appt he was asking weird questions not related to reflux. He said he suspected pots. My first reaction, since I never heard of pots, was I don't smoke pot! LOL! He sent me for a TTT which was positive. I seen a neurologist there, did some tests, found out I have neuropathy. After tryi
  12. Where are you going? I've been to Froedtert. I like them but can't afford the drive. Why would her school be fighting IEP? My son has ADHD and he got it no problem. I think being too sick to attend school is more a reason to get it.
  13. I've heard of bad side effects. Sleep driving, eating, walking, etc. I didn't have this issue but hearing the side effects freaked me out.
  14. I slept the whole time I was pregnant with my daughter. I could barely eat or drink anything, gained 6 lbs and she weighed 5lb 9oz. My pots started when I got pregnant with her so no one knew what was going on. She was my 3rd pregnancy. I had to quit working and basically became part of the couch. I couldn't get up unless it was to go to the bathroom or feed my other 2 little ones. But I survived and so did she. With my 2nd, I was given tylenol with codeine for pain and ambien to sleep. My babies don't grow out, they grow up and down so I had bruised ribs, horrible pain, and no sleep.
  15. I have the same thing. :/ Maybe they will have a reverse effect and help a little, I hope! I always look like I'm 8 months pregnant after I eat so I'm crossing fingers these cut the pooling down.
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