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  1. I'm having mine removed next month, I hope it helps
  2. It happens in narcolepsy but has to do with the same neurotransmitters were dealing with & treatment is similar
  3. Badhbt-- are you still working? I'm chugging through nursing school
  4. I feel so much worse the couple days leading up to my period! I feel dizzy, I get panic attacks etc stinks
  5. You don't think a virus can trigger an auto immune neuropathy?
  6. Not sure, but I get this from time to time.. One leg will get goose bumps or my scalp tingles. Is proamitine mididrone
  7. Im sorry, this must be very stressful for you! Try not to panic, i know non-eds people get aortic aneurysms too. It just means you have a weakened spot in your aorta. I have a intra-septal aneurysm between my atrium. Have you been having symptoms related to it? pain, sob, Trouble swallowing ? How is your cholesterol? Are you on a beta blocker? What did the dr say about your BP? There are stent sthey can place in the aorta to maintain its integrity. That might be a better option if you do have EDS I'm sorry, I hope you can get this all worked out soon! Take care
  8. It seems really scary! Interesting that it could be a hereditary/ genetic thing rather than a straight allergic rxn
  9. E Soskis-- personal question, but did they set you up with a straight/ intermittent catheter at home?
  10. http://www.google.com/search?q=angioedema&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari#itp=open0 I though this was interesting for all you mcad / mcas people. Angioedema is very similar to anaphylaxis. In fact is can be triggered by ace inhibitors. I learned a little about it today in Nursing school, and it piqued my interest Wonder if it applies to any dysauto folks
  11. Dehydration Orthostatic hypotension There are lots of others that can cause tachycardia but not sure they're positional in nature ( Addison's, thyroid diseases, kidney and adrenal diseases, structural problems with cardiovascular system, electrophysiology problems with your heart, endocrine diseases, bleeding to death lol, anemia....... List goes on an on lol)
  12. There is a CA pots group on Facebook, you could see if any RNs are on there!
  13. Well it can be done by any Registered nurse ,vocational nurse or medical assistant! I would gladly do it, but I'm in San Diego Maybe there are some SF nurses on here?
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