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  1. thanks Peregrine, They aren't concerned about rebound migraine. I have bought this up with them. Some years ago I stopped all meds for migraine for 3 months because I had read about rebound headache. It was something I did on my own. The pain was very bad most days and at the end of 3 months I had the same pain pattern as I did at the beginning. I told my neurologist that I had stopped all pain medication for migraine and he told me not to do so again. He was concerned about the pain pathways. But thank you for your concern, blue
  2. Yes, the migraines are giving me a bit of a hiding too. Migraine and Erythromelalgia (which is supposed to be a separate health problem from POTS but I've found a few people with POTS that have Erythromelalgia as well). blue
  3. I first experienced this when I was 16. I'm now 58. I often feel like I' m still dropping wh en the elevator has stopped. But it can happen to me when I am just standing anywhere. I react - jolt - and brace my legs instinctively/involuntarily. If on a train, after the train has come to a stop I will often feel like i am still moving forward for a few seconds. Many times when I have been on an aeroplane I will continue to still feel the sensation of being on a plane for hours afterward. Weirdly, i can often still hear the sound one hears while flying, also for sometime afterwards. I used to hav
  4. Hi Jerry, I also get chilled with sweat when this happens and this can happen in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. My fasting blood tests were high normal but because of my age (getting old) it was recommended I have glucose intolerance testing. Sometimes I wonder if it is the telmistartin I take for high bp? When I've gone off the telmistartin (micardis) I actually feel a bit better sweating, chills wise etc., but my BP climbs too high . losing weight did not help that either. It's good to get rid of so much of my excess weight but losing it did nothing for improved bp or glucose int
  5. My sister has seen me very POTSy when we are out - having trouble walking, sweating profusely, unfocused, a bit panicky and she said I look like I'm hypoglycemic during these times. She nursed her mother in law who was ill with cancer and had hypoglycemic attacks and she said I act and look just like her when I'm in that state. I am not diabetic but my glucose tolerance tests indicate I could be headed that way despite losing a lot of excess weight. I suspect exercise would help this, for me. But I am unable to exercise at this time.
  6. Hi a eris, interesting that you did an aspirin challenge test and was found to not be the cause of your anaphylactoid response. Did u have it done in hospital? I did a test some years ago to see if I was fine with celebrex -- a nsaidl, albeit one that is least likely to cause problems, and found i was okay with that, only problem is it doesn't seem to be much use to me for pain. I am thinking asking my allergist for a challenge test for aspirin, although it is salicylic acid and I am intolerant (although not allergic) to foods with more than a low level of salicylates in them. I have erthyth
  7. Hi Vermee, Expectation that one in four will be allergic to meat. Yikes. I wonder if the meat industry are responding to this and scrambling to find out why? Hmmmm.... blue
  8. Bell girl, I agree with you on all counts too. At age 58, it's no longer about a cure for me. It's about the best life I can live in the time left to me. I'm also finding that family and friends of my age are starting to have health problems that come with aging so I'm not such an oddity now. And I also see their indignant responses to their experiences of how 'most people don't understand.' Something we here, all, got to experience way before our time. Blue
  9. Hi vermee Do you know all the things that you are so dangerously allergic To? I had my first anaphylaxis response about 14 years ago, when I was 44. Until then, when asked by any doc what I'm allergic to I used to be able to say 'nothing.' Now, I have many allergies, some not so serious, some life threatening anaphylaxis. Aspirin is deadly for me but other things we aren't so sure of. I have had the usual anaphylaxis and also anaphlactoid reaction ( which they are now calling non immune anaphylaxis. Which does my head in - how do I have an allergic reaction to something my immune system does n
  10. All of them cracked me up. I'm similar to Christy D's son. If I can have a bowel movement that's a good start to the day for me. I think I'd have to go with that sign. LOL. Now that's a sign I'd laugh with if I saw it in someone's yard. blue
  11. I'm 58. I was diagnosed just in time for my 50th birthday. I had strong symptoms for years before diagnosis! and before that, intermittent symptoms from probably age 18. I was greatly disappointed because the reading i had done had indicated that when menopause was finished I should see an improvement of symptoms. I was told by another potsy that Dr Grubb told her that she would possibly see an increase in symptoms during her menopausal years. I was prepared for that and was thinking I am worse because I'm menopausal. But that has pretty much passed and my hopes in that area dashed. I have got
  12. Hi Corrina, Rolling over causes me tachy too. And then I'm wide awake. Hi Charmedlinz, I thought I was the 'queen of pillows' but I only need 4 at the moment. Never got to eight. Many nights I find it easier to try and get some sleep on my couch. One arm of the couch sits against a corner wall so I can pile up my pillows and they tend to stay in place. And the narrowness of the couch stops me rolling over and keeps me on my side. blue
  13. I'm 58 and one of my fears is that I do get so old and I find I can't manage my symptoms anymore. For example: the need to shower (in cool showers )often to cool my burning sore skin caused by erythromelalgia. Also, the difficulty I have with keeping my bowels moving and having some carer who thinks they can just give me any old laxative to get the job done (I react to so many of the usual laxatives). And how am I going to afford my meds? ETC. I try not to think about it too much but this stuff does enter my mind at times. blue
  14. I'm getting older and my eyesight is deteriorating. But I get increased blurry vision a lot now -- it's only in the past year or so I've noticed how much my eyesight becomes more blurry than is usual for me when not wearing my glasses. Usually it's 'aura' and a migraine follows. The blurry vision will continue during a migraine, sometimes.
  15. Hi Banana, My vision seems to change from day to day. Sometimes more often. I just can't wear the multifocals that I need as they often do cause my migraines to break through my meds. I can wear reading glasses to do stuff like read (duh, lol) and work on the computer (but can't spend a lot of time on computer either as it's often a migraine trigger). It's not just the lenses for me either, I have to have really loose glasses -- so loose they fall off my head when I bend. Hubby's head is bigger than mine so I get him to wear my reading glasses for a while to stretch the arms. I do wear sunglas
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