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  1. hi there,

    I noticed your comments in "Dysautonomia And Hypoglycemia, Linked?." I had COVID-19 in April 2020 and still experience symptoms 4 months later. I have been feeling like I'm suffering from hypoglycemia all day long every 2 hours. I've been at an endocrinologist and at Mount Sinai Post Covid Care who suspect is autoimmune. Did you ever experience this and did it go away?

  2. Hi Jerry, How are you feeling now? I dont know if I developed any sort of dysautonomia from COVID-19. I've had similar symptoms to what you're describing the last few weeks. Ive had COVID-19 symptoms for the last 4 months. Every 2 hours, I feel like my blood glucose is dropping and have to eat and drink something to feel better.
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