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  1. Thanks. Am calling his office. Am so afraid he will tell me that there is nothing he can do. How do you treat someone that can only take expired medicine. I never saw this coming. Always worried about losing my brand because it was the only one I can tolerate. Thanks again for your advice. Have been feeling so alone in this and scared.
  2. Thanks. He doesn't know. Sadly my old doctor retired and my new one isn't the greatest. Too sick to look for another doctor. Don't know if I'm reacting to the increased strength or another change. Am last September acting on the new doctor's advice to cut my prednisone ended up having a five weeks crohns flare of fever and joint pain which he was afraid to prescribe anything for. Will talk to him though. Am feeling so desperate.
  3. Thanks Pistol, Am so stressed and scared. The lorazepam helped me today. Am so panicked about my prednisone that when feeling horrible can't tell how much is anxiety and how much is reaction. Am taking 1/4 mg lorazepam and not taking it every day. The doctor who prescribed it said not to take it more than every other day but said that even taking it every other day can cause dependence in some people. .
  4. Am going through a really hard time now trying to get on a newer prescription of prednisone after using an expired one. It's making me frighteningly sick and can't stop it because am steroid dependent and need it to live. Am very sensitive to meds. Am having unbearable anxiety due to my situation. My doctor prescribed lorazepam but told me not to take it every day because it is so addictive. If you're on an anxiety medicine what do you take?
  5. Thanks. Think I am reacting to the difference possibly in strength between the expired and the new prednisone because both are from the same manufacturer. Am so sensitive. Feeling so sick trying to slowly add the new prednisone. Can't stop because I'm steroid dependent and need it to live. Am so scared of how sick it's making me.
  6. I am dependent on prednisone for many years for crohns. Can only tolerate one brand. Have recently tried to switch from older prednisone which I didn't realize was pretty expired to a new prescription. The new one is the same brand as the old. Am reacting to the new. It is making me so sick. Can't bear the endless adrenaline surge. Have tried adding it little by little and that's not working. Any helpful hints on how to deal with the adrenaline surges would be so appreciated.
  7. Thanks targs66 for me I think the medication sensitivities are the worst part of my pots. I can only tolerate 7 mgs of prednisone which I've been on for years and only from one manufacturer. If ever I couldn't get that one I'd be in trouble because it can't be stopped suddenly. That's why I'm considering surgeryso to possibly get off it. I can't tolerate most vitamins as well. Folic acid made me so sick.
  8. Thanks Pistol. I haven't met with the surgeon yet so am notcompletely sure of if the stitches would in fact be disslovable. Don't think I can have staples because am I can'tolerate even wear titanium earrings in my ears. Have had the earring sensitivity long before I had pots. My GI doc doesn't understand the med sensitivities and gets frustrated and angry.
  9. Thanks. You've made me feel better. Having so much anxiety today worrying about developing chronic constipation a d not tolerating any laxative or being able to eat fiber due to a stricture from crohns. And then possible impending surgery for crohns. Thanks again it means a lot to know I'm not alone.
  10. It seems like I have a reaction to every medication. : (
  11. JaneEyre9 Thanks so much for replying. We're your stiches internal? This past weekend was made so sick by a reaction to an over the counter medicine and thenot started thinking about the stitches.
  12. I am extremely sensitive to meds. Am worried about how I would react to internal stitches from surgery as they are ultimately absorbed by the body . Has anyone who is very med sensitive done been okay with them?
  13. I've heard that apple cider vinegar helps acid reflux. It seems like it would make it worse. Wonder if it would help with bile reflux. I have been following a diet of no spice, no fried foods, very limited veggies, for years for crohns disease which I have in addition to pots. The only culprits left in my diet are caffiene, margarine and mayo. I've cut down on my caffeine but am having a hard time giving it up completely. It makes me feel better potswise. Never knew I'd miss margerine and mayo so much : )
  14. Jackmxoxo is carafat an over the counter med? Thanks
  15. I'very been on Nexium for a few years for acid reflux and it works well for it. The Dr said there wasn't any acid present when she performed the endoscopy. There was a lot of bile. Have been taking Gavison which helps temporarily. My doc suggested I see a doc that performs surgery for reflux but I think I would like to try more meds before that. So far my esophagus is undamaged. The surgery for bile reflux is actually gastric bypass, the weight loss surgery. Don't even know if I would be a candidate for that. Am not overweight. Well I'd like to lose about 20 lbs but from what I've heard much more weight is lost with that surgery.
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