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  1. This is such a great thread! You know you have Pots when... You have such bad nausea for days that everything you can think of to eat (including a dry cracker) is repulsive; however, you can mix up a salt 'n water shooter and that goes down easy. You see your doctor make a gagging face when you tell him about drinking salt/water shooters. You could help a sketch artist recreate the inside of a store fitting room including the exact length of the bench, the height of the walls and what the ceiling looks like...(if only you could remember anything...)
  2. Hi LTC Bill, The documentary can be found directly on YouTube, if you search Changes & Pots or the full title. The video is a great one to share with family and friends. My in laws watched the whole thing and came back to me to talk about it. It was great!
  3. I came across two articles today that I found quite interesting. The first is "Prolactin and Autoimmune Disease in Humans" http://www.actabiomedica.it/data/2007/supp_1_2007/chuang.pdf Abstract. Prolactin has been shown to have immunomodulatory as well as lactogenic effects. Generally less well known is that prolactin may also play a role in the activity of autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have shown decreasing prolactin production to be beneficial in animal models of autoimmune disease. Thus far, double-blinded, placebo-controlled stud
  4. Wow, that is soo awesome! I do wish I had someone who wanted to connect the dots - I'm incredibly underqualified to be trying to do it myself
  5. Thanks for all of your research Alex Are you finding any info that seems to fit in your case? The dopamine thing doesn't seem to fit for me either and I was on no meds. I also have never had the 'symptoms' of low estrogen (interesting because of the high prolactin/low estrogen connection), in fact I feel like I'd lean a little towards the excess estrogen category (unexplained infertility, miscarriage, very dense breast tissue, etc, etc.) or at least it has always felt out of balance. As soon as I saw your note "one in three have no identifiable cause", I sense that is where I'll end up. I fe
  6. Alex, I'm glad you posted this. I had elevated prolactin levels too. My docs were checking me from head to toe and inside/out at the time, but didn't say much about it other than "huh, that's unusual". That was when I was hospitalized after sudden onset of Pots but before diagnosis. They ended up finding a suspicious spot on my brain C/T, another on my lung C/T and breast lumps, so between all of that and the ecg changes, and the fact that I suddenly couldn't function at all, the prolactin level was just filed away as an odd finding. I did have a brain MRI the same week too and it came back
  7. Oh, wow, Jen, thankfully you trusted your gut and didn't wait that one out at home!. Very scary! Glad to hear you are back home and now on meds to manage it.
  8. Hey Canadiangirl, You are not the first one here to have embarrassing Pots stories of one sort or another...and I'm sure you wont be the last... Everytime I read your posts I think to myself how much you really need a good, knowledgeable Pots/EP doc to help you sort through all of this. You have soo much going on with the extra heart issues, on top of Pots and given your history of already documented scary arrhythmias, when you say that these were 'super scary', it makes me think that a doc visit may be a good idea. I wish I could share my EP with you - my other docs just give me the deer-i
  9. bump...because of recent sleep discussions
  10. Wow, that is a huge amount of information! It is really a very potent herb. I was surprised to read that Clinical studies have shown that short-term use (not more than 4 weeks) is safe. So for those that take or have taken it for Pots, do you only take it for that span of time or do you monitor bloodwork and bp the same as you would with Florinef? For anyone who has taken both Florinef and licorice (at different times of course), I'd be curious to hear how the experiences were similar or different.
  11. You know you have POTS when... You decide to muster the energy to tag along for a short walk up the street with the dog, only to have your family laugh hysterically because everytime the dog squats, so do you. You are unfazed by the following... You're on a big outing (to a drug store of course) looking for support hose, (which means you are actually sitting in the prescription area with your feet up while others look) when your mother and the pharmacist find them several aisles away. Instead of bringing the hose over to you they roar across the store "HOW MUCH DO YOU WEIGH?" You have no choic
  12. Jen, I can soo relate to the feelings you are talking about. I definitely feel that guilt (big time!!) as well, so I also feel badly asking him to stop. Sometimes I do, but most of the time I just isolate myself for a little while until he's ready to move on to another activity. He's my only child too (so I have also have only-child-guilt when there aren't others around for him to play with) and I feel useless to him right now. Our favorite things to do were play football together, bike together, walk together, go for drives, etc. Our activities have changed to cards, board games and puzzles
  13. Over-stim is definitely as issue for me as well. My son is a sporty guy so he is constantly throwing a ball into the air, bouncing soft balls off the wall, dunking in his indoor basketball hoop - none of this has ever bothered me before, but since POTS it is very challenging to handle. (I get very nauseaus, have adrenaline surges, headache, etc) I will often have to go to a quiet room just to get away from it. On the not-so-bad days, I try to work through it without leaving the room in an effort to help my body adapt to the stimulation. Some other things that have been triggers for my adrenal
  14. Welcome to the group, Alaska! I'm not sure how I would have reacted to a dr telling me to go home and 'not think about it'...that's brutal !! I'm glad to hear that you dumped him and have moved on to someone better. I went for my first post-POTS haircut a few weeks ago. I'm not at a point where I can actually participate in life outside my house, so it was a big deal. I needed a cut badly (just to make day to day care easier), so I washed my hair at home and went in with a wet head in a ballcap. I went to a quick cut place, so it wouldn't take long and I decided not to tell the hairdresser th
  15. Issie, I'm glad you have found something to help you with this, especially if you experience it every hour! If I could give one gift to the world it would be that everyone should be able to experience a good night's sleep (well food is pretty important too...). Life is soo much easier to handle, no matter what you are going through, if you can have a good solid rest. Julie, I think having twin toddlers at the best of times would be a challenge! I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you. As they get older they will come to know about your strength and courage and they will be s
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