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  1. When my Aldosteron was tested for the first time back in March (blood test) it was a bit over baseline around 400. When it was tested in June it was also a bit over baseline (24 hour urine). When it was tested 2 weeks ago (blood test) it was over 1000 which is very high. The doctor even wondered if it might have been an error and so we repeated the test with a 24 hour urin again. I will have to wait until next week for the results. I started cut my salt intake back in March and since then, i eat less then 2g Salt a day. I thought it would help to reduce my blood pressure. I dont know if
  2. Thank you all for your input. I dont know what to do now. My nephrologist is a nice guy but never heard about POTS. My family doctor is also nice but she doesnt know much about POTS either. The POTS specialist who diagnosed me 13 years ago is not available anymore. If i go on with the nephrologist he will only treat the elevated Aldosteron with a diuretic which i cant tolerate. Should i look for another POTS specialist here in Germany and start all over again so that he can take into account every aspect? Back in 2007 when i was diagnosed with a tilt-table test, they never explored deeper. It
  3. Hello everybody, i hope you are all doing well. You have not heard from me in a few years now but i regularly came back to read the posts. Today i want to share my current situation hoping that someone can help. In the past 7 years my Pots got better and better to a point in which i was able to lead an "almost normal life". Of course i had good and bad days but even the bad days were managable (nothing compared to the extreme symptoms years before.). I even was able to travel to India twice (in 2017 and 2019)and was able to visit the Himalayas, something which i never thought would be pos
  4. i feel much better when its cold, rainy and clowdy. Last Thursday and today the weather has changed into much warmer temperatures and both days, especially today, i feel really symptomatic. I even had to leave work earlier today because i felt so sick. All the people around me love the nice and warm spring weather and i wish it would get cold and rainy again.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. Yes, singing, reading loud and playing the flute are also big no goes for me. The pain and muscle tightness that come with it feel like the "coat hanger pain" that many POTS Patients suffer from. I am going to see my physiotherapist next monday.He helped me about 2 years ago when i felt very bad. I hope he can help me on that one also. Take care, carinara
  6. Hi everybody, since 2 weeks i feel really really dizzy and lightheaded whilest talking. Its so bad that i wasnt able to do a few important phone calls today. I also get very dizzy and lightheaded only from looking down or turning around. My neck and shoulder muscels also hurt very much. I have experienced these symptoms before but at the moment they are as severe as i last experienced them about 2 years ago when i was very sick. Iam so glad that i have a few days off of work. I cant hold a conversation at the moment and i catch myself whispering a lot. Do any of you have some ideas what i can
  7. Oh yes, i get this as well... ramakentesh, i really like your describtion: "altered position sense", thats 100% how it feels like. Any idea why our bodies don't sense the positions right? How is this related to POTS? carinara
  8. Maybe the smell caused your POTS Symptoms. When i have a bad POTS episode, i get to a point were all kinds of chemical smells have this kind of reaction to my body. Nail polish, hair color, even a lotion made me feel realy sick ones.
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