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Happy Birthday To Michelle Sawicki


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Hope you had/are having a WONDERFUL birthday...and you didn't do ANY DINET-related work today! ;)

Faithful leader is a good description...so many of us would be lost without DINET!

I can't believe I'm approaching my 4 year anniversary as a member! DINET is such a great resource...it's so well laid out for folks to read and I refer people to the website all of the time.

The people I have met here have changed my life forever...

I just read an article on advocacy in Neurology Now and they were discussing creating websites, forums, etc. and how much it takes just to create the initial website. I was exhausted just thinking about that part! LOL.

So....bravo to you and many, many blessings in the coming year.


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Happy Birthday!! I think I saw this a bit late but I hope you had a wonderful day of celebration!

Thanks for all of your time and the effort you put into this forum, we appreciate you!

Take care,

Lisa <_<

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very happy (and i am sorry that i am very late) birthday michelle. i hope you had a lovely day!!!

i do wonder what surf and turf is though??? is that something to eat???

and what i want to add: making this (very safe) place for all of us is one thing. keeping it is another. i am sure that, by now, you know how much we appreciate everything you do for us. i do think it has to be said over and over again (you might hate me for doing so, i am sorry michelle) as it has made the difference to my life that i really really needed. it gave me strength and the courage to fight for my/our case. and i'm sure i'm not alone in this.

also it gave me some very special and precious friendships that are an unexpected surprise in life.

all the best and much love for the new year to come michelle,

corina <_<

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