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  1. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Hugs, thoughts, and prayers going your way! Meg
  2. I go with POTS if it's someone important in my life. Explain the whole thing as best as I can. If it's someone who doesn't need to know, my fiance prefers to say that I have low blood pressure. He said from his experience (being a non-POTsy) people understand the concept of low blood pressure, but if I say I have a neurological disorder, people tend to think I'm nuts in the head. (which may be so, but that's not the point! :-p) Meg
  3. I've tried some yoga. Just be careful with any pose that puts you upside down! I can't stand on my head or anything, but standing too long or bending over too long make me pretty sick. If you can find stuff that's mostly on the mat, it's pretty nice. Pilates is good, too. Meg
  4. Praying for you and your test results! Meg
  5. I get this, too. Sometimes it turns into a muscle spasm that other people can actually observe, sometimes not. Meg
  6. Are you stuck lying down or in one position a lot? That could cause muscle stiffness. I get it sometimes, but only after having muscle spasms. I find ice and gentle stretching help me. Meg
  7. I'm too brain foggy to give you stats at the moment, but I did want to know that you made me laugh, which I needed. Hope you're doing okay! Meg
  8. Glad your son is home! Prayers for your strength & energy and that he continues to get better! Meg
  9. I feel tachy when standing still, but usually if I check I'm actually not (while on all my meds). Ask your doctor about anything that worries you. That way you can find out what's going on or at least get peace of mind. Meg
  10. I've never had a sleep study done, though that would be interesting. My dad has mild sleep apnea, but I don't think the two things would be related. I've decided that I don't care a whole lot why I feel terrible in the morning and better in the evening, as long as I know that's how it is. I've set most of my classes for evening for college fall semester (twice a week I have a noon class, but still not bad) and I set my own hours for work so I can choose to do parties in the late afternoon/evenings. Can't make my dr appointments work that way, but if I can make it work for me, all the better. Meg
  11. I was finally diagnosed with POTS at 18 (I'm 21 now) after a couple of years of passing out, etc, but I'm fairly certain I've been having symptoms since I was about 10. (One of the biggest things my mom points out-very dilated pupils. small, but a sign nonetheless). Before my diagnosis, I was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction and went to breathing therapy, diagnosed with various personality disorders, because obviously if they couldn't find anything wrong, I must be nuts. I had an endoscopy, went on an extremely low carb diet (which I hated), had a laporoscopy to look for endometriosis, went on various anti-psychotic medications (which made things worse) and there may be other things that I simply can't remember. I went from specialist to specialist and saw so many doctors I could probably not even name each of their specialties, much less their names. I got the anxiety diagnosis many times, as well. I do have an anxiety disorder, which made it difficult to tell people that I knew there was something else wrong. So like basically everyone else, I went through a lot before I got the right diagnosis. Meg
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