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Laughter Fit Causing Ans Meltdown?


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Last night i was talking to my mom on the phone.. and we were talking about something funny.. well i began laughing.. and my laughter quickly turned into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.. everything was funny to me....well my laughter fit last about 4-5 minutes.. the subsided to a spontanious chuckles.... :(

Well my laughter was so intense that i could not breath/catch my breath... and my heart really started to race... I thought OK Im just laughing.. shouldnt be no big deal once i settle down ill be good to go..

WELL...not the case...shortly after i hung up with my mom.. i started to get feverish.. and my feet where ice cold yet sweaty feeling.. and my fingers and face..even teeth felt ice cold.. my heart was racing really bad... and i developed a nasty head ache.. and radiating pain thru my face jaw.. and down my back...

and my eye balls felt like they where going to be sucked thru my eye sockets out thru my nose of something.. weird feeling..sensation...I became very tired... and flicked the light off and tried to fall asleep.. well my body was in a full fledge tail spin... and i had ainsomnia allnight....with tachycardia ... then id get sensation that my heart would feel like it wanted to stop.. and it was doing flip flops and hard thuds in my chest all night.. and still is actually... all the other symptoms allnight as well.. and my pain levels shot thru the roof...and i got the crazy clinking in the base ofmy skull....vision was nuts...

Im a bit irritated that something seemingly simple like laughing can cause such a domino affect....Im jsut wondering if anybody else gets symptomatic from laughing.....and if you know why...I kinda needed to vent.. b/c im irritated with my dysfunctional body today big time....thanks


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That's a symptom of chiari... I get a severe headache from anytype of exertion (sneezing, coughing, laughing, bending over). When I cough it's so bad that I end up passed out. I believe that the idea is that with chiari your CFS flow is already diminished and when you do the above mentioned things the flow is further restricted. Of course I think that it can happen with ANS dysnfunction but just wanted to let you know dizzygirl that chiari can cause that...

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I get that all the time ...also a sign of POTS.

i can no longer sing due to the severity of trying to breathe and hold a note or hold breath.

Crying is horrible too but it's really a pain when 'laugh therapy' wears us OUT!!

I get absolutely overwhelmed and have to rest with feet elevated at times.

Still, I refuse to give up laughing. !! but I sure have to take meds before get togethers.

Also watching car races gets me wound up and I take meds before that also even though I LOVE watching racing. We just have to adapt to things but I have had this for so many years, I guess I just thought everybody with POTS gets affected from talking too much (That can do it for me) or laughing.

Crying hard can really do me in so I try to avoid situations that cause that (sad movies, sad music, etc)

Feel better but do not think it' s just a Chiari deal. I have read similar comments for years being ANS issues.

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Feel better but do not think it' s just a Chiari deal. I have read similar comments for years being ANS issues.

I didn't want her to think it was "just a chiari thing"... I was just putting it out there as I know she was recently dxed. Maybe after she's decompressed it will get somewhat better (fingers crossed...). I just know that in all the chiari clinics I've been to that is one of the questions they ask you again and again...

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Awe Dizz----you don't need that, you have enough going on. I'm sorry you had to have joyful event turn into an ANS meltdown.

That just stinks! It's so hard to tell what is causing what when you have so much going on at the same time.

I hope things calm down for you soon dear.

Take care of yourself.

BIG HUGS---- roses.jpg

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this happens to me just like you described. i try not to laugh which makes people think i'm a u know what. but i'm not, well at least not most of the time. i alos had to give up singing. i cheat on that sometimes, though. even though i get very symptomatic when i do. it brings me joy, so i suffer.

i was releived to see u describe laughing as u did, finally some one else who has this. my last visit to er, was disasterous ,cuz i had no crying with my pain and paralysis(something else we have in common). icould not make dr. understnd that crying takes to much effort and makes me feel horrible, even though i want to. i get the freezing and sweating at the same time prob.

i don't know why this happens, i know it is on the avoid list here. i'll keep in touch with that and u too. maybe we can figure this out. do you also fell nauseas?

the fever evrything happens to me just like you said. i have been telling docs i feel feverish before this stuff starts for years.

of course to no avail.

do u also get sweaty palms?

right now i have a cold i guess, can never tell waht is dys and what isn't.

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hey thanks everyone.....I knew i wasnt alone on this one!

I have the same kind of reaction also (not all the time tho) with heavy crying.. sometimes.. you just have to let out it out and know that you are going to feel like death...

firewomen--UGH I had a nasty paralysis early this morning.. i really hate them... Uhm and yes the palms of my hands sweat at times.. and i do get nausea.. and really weak feeling too..

BEE-- keep the jokes coming! love you too maxine..awe i love flowers! esp. roses! ty B)

im actually thinking to my self after reading the replys that sundays tail spin was a combo of pots and chiari...its hard to dicifer what goes with what...only that it sure is there...

I think part of the reason why my body flaked out so bad also is b/c this morning when i woke up.. i woke up with the start of a cold or something... and paralysising this morning when i get bad ones like i had early this morning is my bodys way of telling me HEY!!!...

I do hope that this is not going to be a regular ocurance.. b/c i love to laugh.... laughter really is healing... and i thuroughly enjoy funny stuff.. stories people.. movies ect....

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Just a quick question, were you sitting UP talking on the phone or lying down?

I can only speak on the phone lying down for any period of time. Even then laughter can trigger symptoms but not as badly. Also I sometimes lie on loveseat with feet over my head on the phone.

Since we are gravity sensitive, i just wondered if you were UPRIGHT. If so try lying flat next time when yakking.

It's also the only way I can watch TV...especially car races!! IF the races get really exciting, I elevate feet on pillows...I kid you NOT.

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Uhm i had a dvd in but it was on pause.. i can not concentrate on tv and talking to somebody at the same .. i get flustered...

and i was half laying down.. half propped up on a stack of pillows..at a small angle..and had a body pillow under my knee's...

But come to think of... when i started laughing I did sit up quickly b/c i felt like i could not breath.. then once i stopped laughing i laid back down ....so gravity could have played a role in things.. what ever happened it was not cool!!!!

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Uhm I actually dont remember if i cough'd or not.. but i do remember getting painful spasms inmy esophagus.. OUCH!!!

I do know that congested feleing that you talking about though.. i get it out of the blue at other times.. its weird this illness we have!

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Yeah, I can get some of the same aspects, but not nearly to that degree. I can get some symptoms with anything that causes an abnormal exchange of oxygen. Coughing, talking a lot, singing, laughing etc.

It can be very annoying! I guess I just have to pay more attention and try to avoid any issues! :) But, luckily it has never been too bad.

Good luck with everything! :angry:

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