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D-ribose Supplement


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I'm always willing to try something new in hopes of helping myself feel somewhat better but also do some research on how it affects us, if possible first...

In this months issue of Life Extension, I read about this supplement helping those with chronic fatique and fibromyalgia, and heart functions with dystolic function issues, etc. I thought maybe someone here had tried it AND was wondering if it helped them or not. It lists Co-Q10 and L-carnitine as the two other supplements in conjunctions with the D-ribose as the missing link in increasing energy output to help.

Here's the link : http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2007/may200...r_ribose_01.htm

if that doesn't work you can try www.lifeextension.com, the article is on the front page.

Let me know what you think about this and if it might be something to try :( But as I think about it, wondering if it might lower blood pressure, so maybe this isn't the magic pill !!!!! Thanks for any input/idea.


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Hi Tammy,

I started taking Di-ribose about 3 weeks ago (it also has magnesium and malic acid in it). It does help with energy and does ease my aches and pains. I also take a low dose coq-10 and l-carnitine separately but not every day.

I do not notice any BP lowering effects with the Di-Ribose. My body seems to tolerate it and like it.


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Jacob Teitelbaum who is a world renown expert in CFS highly recommends D-Ribose. He seems to think the Corvalen brand is good. He has a book called Fatigued to Fantastic which talks about it extensively. The book also discusses Co-Q10 and L-Carnitine. It could be worth a shot if you are feeling fatigued as most books on the subject seem to rate these three supplements.


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I bought C0-Q10 at some point last year and never tried. I still stare at it wondering 'why not'....I just can't seem to find enough people who said this supplement made a significant difference. And in the spirit of not putting vitamins in my system I may not need, I've held off.

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All of these things can be very stimulating --they are used by body builders to build muscle and increase endurance. They help with ATP and mito function. I have tried them all and the only one I stuck with was CQ10. When I was all over the place with my bp ---I couldn't take it. But, when that got settled out I went back on it and am doing great with it.


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