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  1. The Dry Eye Zone is an excellent website for anything to do with dry eye. It sounds to me like it might be a muscular problem, though. Do you have ME/CFS? That causes visual problems, partly muscular and partly neurological. You're having problems with accommodation. I remember mine being written up as "accommodative inertia", which always amused me. I'm not lazy, I just have accommodative inertia.
  2. Random meds reaction, incidentally: a lot of people report increased appetite/weight gain on amitriptyline, along with finding that it helps them sleep. I found I lost my appetite and got insomnia on it. It was useful, as it kick-started my weight loss programme (I was one of the ones who'd put on weight and needed to lose it), though it would have been handy if I'd been able to tolerate the med and use it for pain relief. Has anyone else had odd reactions like that?
  3. I gained weight after many years of ME/CFS - not sure when the POTS kicked in. I managed to lose it the other year. The forum at 3fatchicks.com is pretty good if you want to lose weight. I lost 25% of my body weight and have been maintaining that loss for a year now.
  4. What is actually causing the bleeding? Some doctors are a bit too keen on putting women on hormones to mask the symptoms without bothering to diagnose the cause. Do you have a good gynaecologist?
  5. Do you need contraception? Mirena decreases bleeding for some people, so it's worth trying. I have a copper IUD myself and love it, as I can't tolerate hormonal contraception.
  6. If you want to test this, you should log how you feel at the end of the day before you look at the pressure for that day, in order to avoid the placebo effect (or whatever it's called for this sort of thing). And then put the results into a pretty graph, of course.
  7. Please be careful taking clonazepam or any other benzodiazepine for more than occasional use. There's a high rate of addiction, tolerance and dependency. If you have been on these meds for a while and have decided to come off them, then please make sure you get proper medical guidance and an appropriately slow taper. If you are finding that you need to raise the dose to get the same effect as you did before, then seek medical advice. I use temazepam and diazepam occasionally, but I always monitor how much I take (in writing) and am careful not to take them for too long.
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