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  1. Vety interesting - I will be getting some licorice tea
  2. I have recently started taking Midodrine around 5mg a day when I need it. I have found it very helpful and I am hoping it will be a good drug for me. I have not noticed any side effects (except scalp tingling) however my dose is low.
  3. PS - I thought I better add that you obviously need to check with your doctor about whether you should stop your periods etc I can only say that for me currently it has proven helpful.
  4. I would go for it and stop your periods for awhile if they are affecting your POTS. I had put my period off for 3 months and was feeling fab and then a month ago I had a period and the doctors think it has bought my symptoms on. Periods are a big trigger factor for POTS apparently. The oestrogen in the birth control pill is supposed to expand blood volume which is good for women with POTS. I appreciate you are looking at an IUD as opposed to the pill however I think it's worth stopping your periods for a bit and maybe your other symptoms will lessen somewhat?
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