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Creepy crawlies

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I wonder if anyone else has the feeling of bugs crawling on your skin, I seem to get it when I am really tired, to hot or just as I am waking up. :)

I find it hard to get back to sleep when I wake up feeling that way.

I get it mostly on my neck, back and chest area, but when I'm too hot, I get it everywhere. The worst is when I'm waking up, it is almost painfull!!!

Any ideas on what it is or what to do about it. :)

P.S. I sleep upright either in a recliner or with support pillows. I haven't laid down flat on my back for about 8+ years. To lay down flat is shear agony!! I feel like I'm drowning and my skull is being crushed. My regular Doc says my Bp drops like a rock, can't even be read. I have standing orders not lay my flat with the Hospital except for the most needed tests.

How about that?

Any ideas would be great, Thanks, Blackwolf :(

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Have you done any research on Fibromalgia (spelling wrong)? Your situation sounds horrible, I am sorry to hear you are battling so much. My pain is mostly from my heart, pots and the worst is Fibromalgia. Some days I cant comb my hair it is too painful. My skin gets horrible sensitive and the pain can get unbearable. I have injections in the area that is most painful when it gets unbearable for me. Thinking of you.

Dont give up find a doctor that can help. It took me 9 years to find a real Doctor and she is excellent.

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Ling...I don't know if this applies of not but my when my liver enzymes were VERY elevated I would have sworn that little bugs were crawling all over my skin. I was in the hospitals and the nurses kept telling me that it was an allergy to the detergent used in to wash the hospital sheets but when I asked the specialist he said it was due to the elevated liver enzymes.

Is you doctor monitoring your liver enzymes...sometimes effected by medication too.

Hope you feel better soon..I forgot about how unpleasant that was until I read your posting.


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I know that skin feeling/itch too. There are 2 different ones that I suffer through. The first one is an itch everywhere, my endocrinologist figured that one out. My skin would itch everwhere because I was allergic to the color dye in my pills. Some people can be sensitive to the dyes in medication.

I also get a sensation on my arms that is kind of like a bug crawling on me.

Don't laugh, but when I haven't shaved my legs for a few days and get goosebumps, I am in agony with this horrible feeling. It's like I can feel every hair there is on my legs and it's extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes the goosebumps don't matter, I can just sense that horrible feeling if I have haven't shaved.

The only time I wasn't able to lay down was when I had pleurisy. I don't think our problems are related at all, sorry. It sounds horrible and I can't imagine what it must be like to not lay down.

Take care.

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I get that creepy crawly feeling on the back of my neck, on my back, shoulders, arms and sometimes even legs when I have been in the sun, or heat or both. And I can get it from certain medications. I describe it more as a burning sensation rather than creepy crawlie, so not sure if it is the same, but I do get if from heat and sun.

One thing that has helped stop it when in the sun/ or light is to cover my neck with a wet towel or can use those cooling neck wraps. Also I sometimes drape the towel over my head or even across my shoulders or chest. I never go out any more in the summer without a wet dishtowel. I also have a cooling vest (more expensive option) but it works to lower core temperature. The wet towel works by evaporation. I don't know how those cooling neck wraps work.

Best thing I do is avoid going in the sun altogether. Riding in the car is hard. I have extra window film on all windows. It helps some, but I still take the towel along.

And I don't go out at all between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. That is the worst time of day for sun. It seems to be the hottest when it is low in the sky in late afternoon.

Try cooling the skin that feels creepy crawlie sometime and see if it helps.

Interesting note about liver function. Might want to check it out.

I can't help with the lying down problem. I am assuming you have tried meds for this?

MIchigan Jan

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Did you recently start taking ProAmatine (You mentioned it on another post...) or any other medecine? I hear that the feeling you describe is a very common side effect--but that after a period of time (which hopefully won't be too long for you), this side effect gets better.

Or maybe you've been having this feeling for quite a while and without meds?

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I only get that goosebumpy type feeling after taking my Pro-Amatine, even though I've been on it for almost 3 years. That's the only thing I can think of that would cause it :) It doesn't bother me anymore, in fact I find the chills to be somehat relaxing (like the feeling you get when someone is playing with your hair, or lightly touching your skin.) Maybe I'm crazy lol :)

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Checked the net, like suggested. Thanks. :rolleyes:

The only meds I take right now are Proamatine 5mg prn, up to 50mgs per day,

and Toprol 50mg once a day. The only other other Rxs I have are Skelaxin 800mg for muscle spasms, not so bad right now. And last of all, Amytriptaline 10mg to 35mg prn to help me sleep, I only take it when I'm really needing to sleep. Long time use makes me sick to my stomach.

My GP is absolutly USELESS!!!

Can't switch thou, I recieve a little help from the state on office visits.

Thank you all.


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