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  1. Vegan after POTS diagnosis, definitely helps. And avoiding all of the chemicals, preservatives and hormones in all foods, not just animal products, is a big plus.
  2. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how high is high for plasma histamine? On my lab test the normal range is less than 1.5 ng/mL and my results were 2.4 ng/mL. It's flagged as high, but I'm not sure if that is significantly high or not. Thank you! Ann
  3. Hi Ricky, Have you looked into MCAD on this board? Just curious, because I am taking a Zyrtec every morning and it has helped significantly. It is something simple she could take one morning and see what happens, you don't need to wait a week to see if it works. I noticed a huge difference the first day I took it. Good luck! Ann
  4. I didn't get the injection. I asked afterward and was told they wouldn't give it because of my reaction (which was probably about the same as other reactions on this board).
  5. I haven't been sick in 6 years (right about the time I got POTS and allergies). My doc thinks mine is overactive. Maybe it depends on the type of POTS or cause?
  6. Hi Gary, Not sure if this helps at this point, but cutting down on Tramadol (even slowly) definately causes withdrawal symptoms, anxiety being one of them. It can also cause shaking and sweating as well as nausea and trapdoor. Even after I stopped all together after slowly taking the dose down, I had anxiety for a few weeks as my body got used to not having the drug. Good luck. Ann
  7. Rama, I also have sciatica, but it's coming from the AS (SI joints). Ann
  8. Mcaimless, I knew when I posted that note about fibro, I would probably hear about it. I am not saying fibro isn't "real" I'm saying I think it can often times be a misdiagnosis. I hated my fibro diagnosis because it carries such a stygma and it's not "provable". It sounds like we had similiar experiences. I also had a mixed connective tissue disease rx for a while. When I was diagnosed with fibro, I too had all of the classic symptoms and high CRP, and high IL4 & IL12 (all inflammatory), otherwise absolutely normal on the classic connective tissue disease blood tests. Then they f
  9. I was initially diagnosed with Fibro and RA, it took them a long time to find the AS...I am female, and some doctors won't even look at AS for females. None of the rheumys I went to would even acknowledge the POTS. They said I was deconditioned even though I ran a marathon the same year I was dx'd. Personally, I think Fibro is diagnosed when they can't figure out what you really have. I think many Fibros have dysautonomia and/or a connective tissue disease that does not fit into the doc box. I had cortizone shots, which were very helpful, tried ALL of the rheumy meds, nothing worked. Refus
  10. Hello, I also have AS with POTS/Dysautonomia. Thanks for the info. Ann
  11. Hi Gary, Does the watch have a continuous readout as long as you keep your fingers on it? Thank you. Ann
  12. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know that for the last week I have been taking a Zyrtec 10mg in the morning and Claritan/Benadryl at night, and I CANNOT BELIEVE how much I've been able to stand. Before this medication, I was able to stand for 3-5 minutes tops before I'd get very hot and sweaty and shakey. Everywhere I go I carry my cane seat or I'm looking around like a nervous rat for a place to sit. This week I've been able to stand more than I have in 5 years. I even got through a short run to COSTCO. It is unbelievable! My husband was off on vacation this week so we were r
  13. Hi Susan, I have had RLS for a long time, not related to any medication. I just got it at 3:30pm, which is very early for me, but I took an Endurolytes and it worked! I still can't believe they work and I hope they work for you too. I haven't seen my GI doctor since he took my gallbladder out. I used to see many different doctors, but now just one who can manage the Dysautonomia. Please let me know if the Endurolytes work for you. hammernutrition.com Ann
  14. ZOFRAN is a lifesaver for me. And I found a great remedy for RLS. I used to take 500mg of Depakote, now I use Edurolytes by Hammer Nutrition. Look at their website and read the testimonials. I was very doubtful about it, but it definately works for me. And it's better than that nasty Depakote. Good luck! Ann
  15. Hello Everyone, I have been thinking about the MCAD thing, and I was wondering if anyone else gets the feeling like a brick is sliding down your throat during an allergy attack? I get it when I eat certain foods. I recently took a Benadryl during an episode and it worked! I've been taking Zrytec 10mg for the last couple of days and it seems to help the POTS symptoms. Thank you for all of you who posted on the MCAD topic, I don't think I ever would have tried an antihistamine for the POTS if it weren't for you guys. Ann
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