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Fainting When Pregnant

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ok first for the good news. I am pregnant! Baby is due in early november.

Now for the question. When I faint I always get down to at least my hands and knees before I go out and frequently I get all the way down and then pass out.. So I don't worry about the falling part of fainting. But, can the HR crazyiness, all the other symptoms and fainting hurt the baby??

I passed out often enough when I was pregnant with our daughter and she seems fine, but I always wonder, so I take extra steps to not push myself past what I know is a safe point when pregnant. I know it will still happen anyway though...

And since laying down does not stop or mitigate the faint when I am prego... It is extra yucky.

Anyone know?

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That sounds like a question for your doctor. I had similar concerns when pregnant. I never actually fainted but I had sometimes constant dizziness and weakness and rapid heartbeat. I was always concerned about how these symptoms would affect the baby. My doctor could not have been less concerned about any of these symptoms. Giuliana was born past term at 95%-tile+ length and weight, so it did not seem to affect her growth at all! :rolleyes: And Giuliana seems to be fine--as you say your daughter is too!


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can't really help you, as my pregnancies were the best time of my life (i think it was because of all the blood that i had circulating!!!). as it seems fainting won't hurt the baby (as katherine and you are experiencing), make sure you'll be carefull not to hurt yourself. but most of all: enjoy this pregancy as much as you can!!!

corina :rolleyes:

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Congratulations!!! I hope that everything goes well for you.

I don't know how fainting will effect the baby. When I was pregnant I think I only fainted once, and it was in the first trimester. After that I had enough blood volume and didn't faint. So I never really thought about it. Hopefully your doctor can help you with this one.

Wishing you the best,


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Wonderful news. I hope you have an easy pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy child.

Since you said you've been through it before, not much I can add. It's all just from experience for me...didn't read anything particularly on this topic. But my pregnancy w/my daughter was packed full of faints, tachy, etc. Didn't hurt her either...thank God. I did lose one pregnancy before her, according to my hemotologist, in part due to clotting during pregnancy (liver dysfunction)....but I take blood thinners after that. Hopefully you don't have this problem. But w/POTS, I guess it's worth checking out.

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Congratulations thats great news!

I had my baby last October after many faints during pregnancy.

The concern my doctors expressed was that when fainting the baby was being starved of oxygen which could potentially of effected his development.

By being very very careful, basically doing nothing, I managed to not faint for the first 6 months (also I felt really good thanks to all of the extra blood you have at that stage). I started fainting when it got hot in about June (I was due 6/11/06, probably similar timing to you?) and was offered meds that I had come off before getting pregnant. I refused and went for the resting option instead. I took half days bed rest each day, not getting up until gone 11am which helped and I managed to last until September before starting on low dose fludrocortisone. I was fine again until braxton hicks started at the end of September, causing me to faint every time. I finally ended up in hospital mid october due to the fainting getting dangerous and Will was delivered at 38 weeks by c/section later that month. He was a very healthy 8lb 4oz, great given that he was 2 weeks early. They kept an eye on us both and took some blood tests from Will to confirm he was fine and we left hospital 4 days later with no problems.

He is now 24 weeks old, weighing in at 18lbs and is a very happy healthy baby.

My best advise from my experience would be not to stress out, it will only make things worse.

And the great thing about the bed rest in the morning was that they say inside you the baby is active when you rest and sleeping when you're moving. They also say that when they are born they keep that routine. Because I rested so much in the day that was when Will was active and he slept at night. Since the day he was born he has been a great sleeper and slept through the night since 8 weeks. I put that down to my rest in pregnancy!!

Good luck, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Take care, Katie and Will xx

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I don't have any advice to offer, just wanted to say good luck and CONGRATS!!!! :blink:


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