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Heart Flip Flops


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Hello everyone,

I get occasional instances where it feels like my heart skips a beat. Then, on rarer occasions, like this morning, I get this awful seems like my heart is somersaulting and I can feel my pulse all the way up in my throat. It's a big throbbing and it feels almost like I have two different pulses: One on my wrist that I am holding to take my pulse and the other pulse of my heart beating quickly in my chest. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I'm trying to articulate how it feels. I got kind of short of breath with it but not much and then after a minute I felt it flip again and then it all regulated, it felt like the same pulse and it was back to normal. Does anybody ever have weird things with their heart like this? I have POTS but am not on any meds. My cardiologist diagnosed me w POTS and then dismissed me by saying- "You don't need to come back in, we can just handle this over the phone from now on". I'm not sure who to call and what for. Family Doc? cardiologist? They'll just stare blankly at you anyway and say "are you under any stress?"

Any ideas I would appreciate B)

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Have you had a 24-hr holter monitor that picked up these events? If so, you can be assured that they are benign--particularly with the dismissal by your doctor. If you have not had one, it would put you at ease to have one--or determine if there is a problem. Most POTS patients experience heart rhythm irregularities that are benign. I am going through a spate of them this week--somehow associated with digestion in my case. Taking a beta blocker helps these symptoms somewhat--I take a super low dose as needed.

For me, the heart arrythmias are the worst POTS symptom. My doctor has had to assure and reassure me that what I am experiencing is uncomfortable, but benign. Hope you feel better soon.


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during TTT my heart has been noted to go into junctional rhythm which is felt by me as a flutter. (quick and gentle- but "in "the upper chest)). I also go into bradicaridia (Which feels like a pounding). There are other types of heart rhythm and each probably has its own sensation.

as katherine said- it would be a good idea to make sure yours are benign irregularites.

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Hi Bri,

I'll second what Katherine said. Lots of people with POTS have arrythmias, but they are usually nothing to worry about. The feeling is quite uncomfortable, though. Makes it hard to rest, sleep, or concentrate doesn't it?

Do call a doctor (cardiologist or family practioner - whichever one is willing to help) and ask for a 24 hour holter monitor. It will record all of your heart beats for a day, then the tape is analyzed for anything that might be wrong. You can also ask for the report to be sent to you, and you can then read the diagnosis for yourself. Like Katherine said, it is probably nothing serious, but it will put your mind at ease.


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Yup, I get those....

Probably PVCs or PACs (which are basically an early or a late heartbeat thrown in there)....

Mine are helped greatly by a beta blocker also, but not perfect, esp when my symptoms are worse.

I agree that a 24 hour holter would help make sure what is what...just to be sure.

They are definitely unpleasant and sometimes scary, but after 9 years...I'm getting kind of used to them. When they are really bad, I cough a lot.


P.S. I actually think someone phrased another post the same way...flip flops....so you may get lots more with a search. Also, PVCs and PACs have been discussed and explained in great detail by our expertnursemorgan....so a search might help you out.

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Guest tearose

Sure do get these and I think we get use to them. I don't like the little cough that can come with them and it reminds me to slow down.

Please let the an electrophysical cardiologist do a monitor so you can be sure these are the kinds of symptoms you can manage on your own and are not dangerous!

best regards, tearose

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Yup get those too. Those pesky pvc's and pac's. Can really make you jump out of your skin! Getting it documented on a event monitor or holter can really help to put your mind at ease. They are annoying,,,, :D but are benign. Extra fluids can help, relaxation and of course there is always medication, but sometimes that helps and other times it seems to make things worse.

You are not alone. :)

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Bri Bri,

You should talk your cardiologist into setting you up with a 24 hr halter monitor or better yet a cardionet or king of hearts monitor. They are more long term (like a month). Arrythmias are hard to catch some times cause they don't happen every day. And, not all arrythmias that POTS pts have are begnign and nothing to worry about. Some can be quite dangerous. I had fib-flutter and AV node re-entry tachycardia. The first one can cause blood clots to form and can cause heart attack or stroke. I had an ablation in October to take care of mine and I feel much better now. I don't get all that flip flopping sensations and SOB that I used to. I still have POTS though. But I have a couple of less nasty symptoms to deal with now.

Good luck,


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