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Can I Have Your Opinions?

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I'm not feeling too hot so I check my b/p and pulse,

My b/p is ok (Just a little low for my normal)

11:36 am 107/66 bpm 68 sitting

11:40 am 104/53 bpm 60 standing

11:42 am 112/82 bpm 104 standing

So my blood pressure didn't change a whole lot but my pulse did....

Is this consisitant with POTS?

Thanks guys

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Yes, your symptoms are consistent with POTS. A heart rate rise of 30bpm or more upon standing is what it takes to be diagnosed with POTS. The increase doesn't have to happen the very second you stand up. It can take a minute or two, or even 20 or 30 minutes to see the rise.

Not everyone with POTS has the drop in blood pressure. But, you might find that if you continued to stand still for 10 or 15 minutes that your blood pressure would drop.

Hope you can get a diagnosis and treatment soon!


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I guess more then anything I want to make sure I'm fighting for the "right" diagnoses.

I believe with all my heart that this is what I have, but when the Dr's pass you off as having anxiety or SVT you start to question yourself over and over.

When they told me I had SVT in Dec I almost deleted Dinet from my favorites, I didn't because it just didn't feel right. I actually broke down like a baby cause I was so overwhelmed! This is also why I haven't been as active in posting. I just felt like such an outsider.

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Before meds (beta blocker) I had a high pulse upon standing (standing for long). Therefore, I could not do any exercise at all because it increased a lot and I felt chest discomfort/pain and pain breathing...

My heart rate was fine supine. It was standing for a while that it started increasing and I was feeling it in my chest...

The Cardiologist today said he is sure that I have POTS and that the TTT will not confirm it but only help him to determine the treatment...



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Amby, sure sounds like POTS, my b/p does not always go down when I stand my h/r always goes up. Have you ever had ttt? Good luck with your dx! Pat

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You sound like me. However, my blood pressure did drop after 25-30 minutes of a tilt test. During everyday activities, my heart rate is high but my blood pressure seems to be fine. In addition to POTS, I do have SVT at times as well as panic attacks/anxiety. I am proof that you can have all 3 and I can tell the difference between all 3.

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