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Happy Birthday Dizzygirl!


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Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Linda! Happy Birthday to you!

Any plans for your day (other than surviving the POTS junk of the day?)?

I hope 25 brings you a year of hope and big changes in health...

Don't go having a quarter-life crisis on us, k???? Just remember you're younger than most of us here! :P

Thank you for always having such a loving heart and generous spirit...


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oh thanks you guys!

Ive had a wonderful birthday today....or b-day weekend i should say..

yesterday one of my best friend from childhood... and i went to a movie..its been along time since ive been able to sit in a movie theatre.. the movie BEcause i said so.. was hilarious..we went the the first showing and there werent alot of people there.. so the movie theatre wasnt over heated!

then we went to the mall..that was great as well... again havent been to the mall in ages either....i found a sale (wahoo!) and i bought some of my favorite body spray which was a real treat...

Once i went to sleep last night.. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!! I slept a solid 8.. here that 8 hours!!! WITHOUT WAKING UP! NOT ONCE!!!

OOOOOPS!!! i posted this somehow before i was done typing...

anyhoo it was fantastic for me to be able to sleep a solid 8 hours...

i woke up to a birthday cake my b/f made me.. it was yummy!

He mybf had a whole evening of things planned for me.. but unfortunalty the weather is really really bad here.. and his beautifully thoughtful plans didnt go thru..

he had planned for us to go out to dinner this evening at the restauraunt where we had our first date :P.. then he was going to take me to DIsney on Ice.. I had mention some months back that i would love to go to that and he remembered!! and he planned every thing for the evening time so i could rest up during the day...

what a sweetie!

BUT the weather had diff idea's.. so we stayed in where it warm and safe.. he we ordered take out food wahtever i wanted.. again yummy!

so its beena wonderful day.. Iv e got to talk to many friends and family members today.. whic is awesome..and had a nap with the kitty.. perfection!

so so far being 25 is pretty cool! even tho im quarter of a century old! LOL..

thanks every one

much love


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Sorry I'm a bit late ,

but happy birthday Dizzy and I do hope your day was wonderful .

Ami. :P

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