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Carotid Arteries


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do any of you know if a doppler study or any test similar to that could be done at home through portable testing equipment? and what possible symptoms are of carotid artery disease, i dont have high bp but i have been noticing when i turn my neck sometimes i get a quick sensation of vertigo and severe lightheadedness different from the general lightheaded feeling i usually feel most of the time, and i do get pain that comes and goes in the area righth below the ears, in the neck, any input would be very appreciated, thanks


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about vertigo- I had this as a side effect of going off Effexor. I think it was related to the change in seritonin levels. Do you get this sensation by simply turning your eyes side to side? I did. It felt like I was getting thrown across the room. It definitely felt different than being lightheaded. There wasn't any pain though. My guess is this has to do with your inner ear and balance? Have you had an echocardiogram? when they did mine at Mayo they also looked at my carotids. I doubt you could do anything at home though.


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I get a pain / pressure feeling in the left side of my neck where my artery is if I get over heated or often when I'm blow drying my hair. I have to sit or lay down and prop my feet up in order for it to go away. Sometimes I feel like the artery is going to burst or something. Very scary feeling.


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after having intermittent bouts of vertigo/nausea for several months or so, I saw a Meniere's specialist who gave me gruesome tests to make me ill and rule out things and say I WAS NORMAL (got VIOLENTLY ill during flushing out ears with water tests so they stopped it early)

But I showed lack of blood flow to brain in the fact my brain seems over stimulated to what it "sees"...gave me a bunch of BS and when I said I had dysautonomia, etc, claimed he knew about it, had Dr. Grubb's book, and it was VERY RARE and VERY COMPLICATED to treat, etc.

Well, he scared the hello out of me so I got my other doc to order a stress echo test and ultrasound of my carotids. I am 50 so it wasn't a bad idea.

Both were normal.

My vertigo seemed to wax and wane with my menstrual cycle but has tamed down in the last year.

Good luck and at least ask for ulstrasound tests if you are worried.

Many of us never find the true cause of perpetual lightheadedness/dizzieness.

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thanks so much for all your replies, i am only 30 and last time i had an echo, which was couple of years ago it was normal, never had a carotid scan, but i feel better know that some of you have experienced this and gotten pain in that area and that its all due to the mystery of POTS, thanks again for making me feel better, too bad there isnt anything to make this better!


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;) Though I have no problems when I turn my neck, I also have a pressure feeling in the left side of my neck (as you have Gena) when my artery is getting over heated, when I am blow drying my hair and... Sometimes I really do not know why the pain started...

The feeling is as if it is swollen and I can feel a beating. (I am not sure how to express the feeling)...

Then I have to lay down (I used to take an antinflammatory medicine, but as it worsen my colitis, I stopped with it)... Sometimes it is a strong pressure, even pain. Then I also have headache, nausea, dizziness, chest discomfort, cannot stand the light and the noise... Sometimes I also feel the same pressure and pain on my right side of my neck, where the other artery is situated.

In fact, when I am having a bathe, I always avoid to touch this part of my body (for long) because I feel a scary sensation... I also cannot stand things tighten my neck...

I have gone through so many different tests, that I am not sure if they checked these arteries.

What kind of test do we need for it?

I am going to undergo a TTT on Monday. Should I ask the Cardiologist to do the carotid massage?

Thank you for your help.



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