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Spider Veins


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Hi Guys,

This is sort of a frivolous question, but I was curious. I know that the blood pools in our feet and legs. I have spider veins on my thighs and a few on my calves. I wondered if that pooled blood sort of seeped through and leaked out forming those tiny red spider veins. (Excuse my lack of medical terminology!) I have significantly more of these than my non-POTS friends. They're so ugly! I was wondering if this was a "potsie" trait. How about you guys? Gorgeous "gams" or a road map?


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I have 'em all over my legs--thighs and calves--the first one appeared when I was 16 or 17. My mom has them worse than I do, and I suspect she's classic type EDS (type II, or I), whereas I'm HEDS (hypermobile, which is type III).


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I also have several varicose veins-- bigger than spide veins, a little like bulgey bluish ropes. the geneticist thought they were eds related. Not only are they not pretty, they can really ache.

i did get a superficial clot in one after prolonged kneeling. this was my first introduction to compressions stockings.

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Aren't these pretty common in the general population?

I have a clump of some behind my left knee that are really ugly. I feel like it makes my leg look decades older.


Hmm, I think they are. I know a lady who has them pretty badly all over her knees and she has fibromyalgia. So maybe they are more common with people who have illnesses??? Just a thought.

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