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Hello all!

Here's the latest:

Just heard from Melissa a few miinutes ago. I have read almost all of your posts to her over vm and she really enjoys that!

She sounded MUCH better today, which was a relief. Still, she will remain in ICU and will be in the hospital for AT LEAST another week.

She gave me permission to post the address of the hospital for those of you who have asked me about sending cards (previously she had been too out of it for me to even ask her). I hope I have the right address (Maxine are you reading this? She said it was Toledo Hospital, and this is the address I found on google). Hope it's right! Since her last name is already visible on the site, as she is a moderator, I think it is okay to post it this way.

Although she is in ICU, she is in the secondary ICU, so has her own roomy room and she CAN have flowers and such (which she loves). She loves mail too...so here's the address.

Melissa Mambort



TOLEDO, OH 43606

I'll continue to keep you posted as I am able and as I hear news. She was going to get a hair wash with one of those shower cap thingies today.

They are monitoring her vitals closely, she's still having fevers, etc...

Many thanks for all of your prayers and support!!!!!!

I couldn't sleep at all last night I was soooo worried about her. It was a relief to hear her sound like 'melissa' on the phone today. She's still got a LONG road ahead though...

Love, Em

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I'm so glad that she's in the step down ICU--way better than being in the really restrictive section. When my dad was in the ICU for his heart surgeries, he did have a room to himself, but it was like you mentioned--no flowers, and no fun.

Melissa, we miss you. Take you time healing --do NOT rush yourself, and let your body do the healing.


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Thank you, Em for keeping us informed. :)

I am glad I can do something. I am going to send a card tomorrow morning, I hope it gets there on time (as I send it from Spain and the Post Service is not very quick)

Please, tell her it is going her way and that we keep her in our thoughts and prayers,



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Hey Melissa,

Hope you are improving with each day. Here is a little something to remind you that you're loved and thought about.

I'll spare you my singing it but it goes to the tune of Gilligan's Island theme song.

To the Tune of Giligan?s Island

Oh here?s a wish for our little sunfish

That?s aimed to make her smile

We hate to hear when she?s so sick

And away on her OWN isle.

Our fish has a mighty gumptious gill

A heart that?s brave and sure

Her body don?t accommodate

And we yearn for her a cure. And we yearn for her a cure

The ups and downs they are real tough

But our hopes do not get tossed

If not for the prayers of her faithful friends

She might feel much more lost?she might feel much more lost

We?ll take your hand and stand with you, do you feel us with you now?

There?s Mighty Mouse, and JaneEyre too

Your family and Dancinglight,

A sad Poohbear, the Corina and MANY MORE

Here on Dinet?s site

So this is our wish for our little sunfish

We?ll be here through all times

We?ll help you make the best of things

When you don?t feel in your prime

Your Doctors and their nurses too

Will do their very best

To make your stay more comfortable

So maybe you?ll get some rest.

We long, We yearn, We miss you so

You?re heavy on our minds

We send our hugs and angel wings

And all things good and kind

So get well fast and chat real soon

We sure do miss your smile

We want you back in swimming form

And floating in OUR isle

Get well soon!


Meagan J.(Poohbear)

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Guest tearose

thank you for the updates emily!

that is a perfect poem and get better gift for our fish! pooh how clever and talented you are!

Keep getting better Melissa!

more warm healing light and prayers to you Melissa,


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