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Adrenaline Rush To Panic Attack

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Hi everyone,

I know this sounds totally ridiculous but..... When I watch something intense on TV I get these wicked adrenaline rushes. When watching the season finale of the Bachelor while awaiting the decision of the bachelor...I got clammy hands, rapid heartrate , etc. Tonight as I watched American Idol, while waiting for the final results I totally got a surge of rapid heart rate, wobbly legs, clammy hands and I spiraled uncontrollably into a nasty panic attack. My husband didn't seem to "get " it. Don't make fun of me but has anyone else had this? I know I sound silly.


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Yes, and that was the worst for me. PANIC ATTACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH they are horrible. Even a suspensful movie could start my heart racing and I'd feel like I'd have to run feeling. If the rush happened in the car, I'd get all clammy and break out in a sweat and feel dizzy then the panic would rise up and go crazy. I thought I was having a heart attack. Since being on celexa this has died down. But still get bittsy ones here and there. They were worse when I was on beta blocker and florinef, I don't know why but it was worse. Hang in there.

Take Care


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I am not able to watch television or movies very much, but I have been getting some anxiety/panic attacks. I have not noticed what they follow, though. I will try to pay attention and see if they follow something like that. Interesting.


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