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I Won!!!

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Hi all,

As some of you may remember, I had to file suit against my apartment community for disability discrimination. Well after weeks of clawing and fighting to get them to turn on the AC, they finally did today!

It only took three lawyers, the PG county housing department, the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, and a wonderful Non-profit group called Baltimore Neighborhoods to get the job done :blink: Next time I should hire a clown and an acrobat to round out the bunch :)

Anyways, it's done and now my building will know to be more sensitive to the needs of their disabled tennants. Hopefully NO ONE will have to go through this again in my building.

I'm so happy :D:D:D



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Good for you! Never accept the unacceptable. Becky who posts on here was the first person to win a Disability Discrimination claim where POTS was the disability. She managed it last year and this was huge step forward. People need to realise that we have to be taken seriously, and that we have the rights to live life on an equal footing with others.

I'm really proud of you for fighting back and not giving up the ghost. You are an inspiration, girl! :blink:

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I am so happy for you. Its odd to me as how dumb some Managment companys are. As before having to quit my job for POTS I was a Comminty Mnager, and before that I was a reg. marketing manager for the say company. We went to fair housing class all the time, and i one of the this we cover count less times. I know when we had someone that needed AC/ or heat for health we did it the same day, most of the time it was with 2-4 hours. It not somthing to mess around about, as the fines are so high. It's really sad that you had to go all that way for them to do somthing.

I am so pround fo you for standing up to them!


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Congrats!!! Glad the hard work and persistance payed off! ;)

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Because of your courage to fight injustice, you have made it easier for the next person who needs something from them due to disability. Unfortunately some uncaring people will only do the right thing when forced or threatened by loss of money. I can't stand the heat either due to POTS.

Thank you and congratulations!


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